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Teresa Ives Lilly has authored and self published a variety of novels and novellas.  Her work has appeared an a variety of magazines and she has published more than two hundred unit studies used by the public and private schools.  Her goal is to continue to write clean and or

Dear Reader,
My name is Teresa Ives Lilly.  I write Christian Romance Novellas, which I hope you will enjoy reading.  I love to hear from my readers at teresaiveslilly@yahoo.com and you can follow me at www.teresalilly.wordpress.com to see all my novellas.  I am blessed to be part of the Forget Me Not group of authors.


Kia has just inherited an old Victorian house from her Gran and a sizable amount of money, so she’s actually set for life and wants to settle into the small town but she needs to find a way to fit into the community; the last thing she wants is a new relationship with a man. Jace wants to restore an old bell for his church and cares for his niece while her mother recovers from an accident. He doesn’t have time to find a girlfriend. God has sent a loveable but slightly clumsy Angel, Claude to find two worthy souls to bring together, and these two might just be the right ones. AMAZON


When Penny Trent, Owner of Cake Time in Harbor Inn Maine, meets Kyle London, a famous writer who has come to close down his Grandmother’s coffee shop Just a Cup, there is an immediate attraction between them, but Penny who is busy cooking for the Mayor’s Christmas party, the town’s annual Bake Off and trying to persuade Kyle to keep Just a Cup open, doesn’t have time for holiday traditions or to embark on a new relationship, even if it is with the man of her dreams. Will Kyle be able to convince Penny to enjoy the holidays? Will they save the coffee shop by combining forces and find a lasting relationship by Christmas? AMAZON


  Ever since Tricia Discovered her boyfriend was seeing another woman, she has been living in Harbor Inn, Maine, but has given up on dating anyone. That is, until Gathe Denver, moves back to town and says that he wants to court her. Is courting any different than dating? Can she trust this man with her heart? As Tricia and Gathe participate in all twelve Christmas Cocoa traditions and events around town, will she be able to trust Gathe and find true and lasting love? AMAZON


When Sylvia May, owner of the Good Old Days Antique store in Harbor Inn, Maine, attends an estate sale, she finds a diary hidden in a lovely old desk. Before she knows what’s happening, her store and her garage have been broken in to, and one person is dead. Can Sylvia figure out who the killer is? Are there clue’s in the diary? Follow the steps of a Diary Collector in the sweet cozy mystery. AMAZON


  Forty-year-old Katie’s overprotective aunts have recently passed away leaving Katie their fortune and mansion located in Harbor Inn, Maine. Trying to become involved in the community, Katie opens the mansion as a thrift store to support the local animal shelter.

However, before she knows it, a diamond necklace is stolen at the Butler Did It Mystery Book Club she recently joined and a homeless woman is killed behind the thrift store.

Will Katie discover the thief, the killer and discover romance along the way or will she become the killers next victim?
Find out in this fun, cozy mystery.

If you haven’t read, Diary and Death another mystery that takes place in Harbor Inn, Maine, you will want to get that too. These are both stand alone books, although many of the town’s folk are in both.  AMAZON







Harbor has come to Tasoca Texas to help her brother civilize the town by opening a school, but the first things she hears is that a mysterious person is acting the part of a Christmas Angel in town. Harbor wants the children and townspeople to put their faith in God, not the Christmas Angel.

Drake can’t understand why Harbor’s brother would bring her to such a wild place, but he takes it upon himself to make sure she is safe each day. He isn’t sure he agrees with her opinion of the Christmas Angel until he see’s her faith in God.

Will Harbor find the Christmas Angel and reveal his true identity and will she and Drake be able to civilize the town, each in their own ways and together. AMAZON



Paris has come to the Lodge at Confluence to work as the event’s coordinator and fulfill her desire to see the beautiful state of Colorado. The last thing she expected to find was her high school sweet heart Paul Gordon, the only man she ever truly loved.

Will the Lodge’s reputation of being the Hotel of Love (Hotel L’Amore) stand true, when Paris finds herself back in Paul’s arms again? AMAZON







Sheila didn’t want to live in Slaton, Texas where she was too old to attend school, but hungry for reading. But when she discovers the new Harvey House is hiring she accepts the job to help her family to get out of the tent they’ve been living in for two years.

Although, the work of a Harvey House Waitress is hard and time consuming, Sheila finds time to visit the local Railroad Reading Room where she meets Dale Daughtery; a man who inspires her and helps her.

The Harvey House rule is that no waitress may get married before her one-year contract is ended. Will Dale even want to marry her, and will she decide to leave him and risk losing her wonderful job? AMAZON







Deanna and Ryan are working together to care for an ill child, but they come from two different worlds. Will a Christmas Masquerade be able to bring them together? AMAZON








When Texas Hill Country Ranch Owner, Dustin, stops at a farm house to get his horse shod, the last thing he expects to find is a young woman chained in the kitchen, forced to cook for her uncle. And when he offers to hire her as a cook, and take her home with him, Dustin doesn’t realize that the young woman will not fill his stomach but will soon fill his heart as well. But will Charlie be able to escape her past? AMAZON






Charlene Trumbel is a wealthy, 29 year old, spinster daughter of a wealthy New York family. However, she is appalled at the wasteful lifestyle her family lives. When given a chance to ride on the Orphan Train to get firsthand experience to write an article to induce wealthy families to support the Orphan Train, Charlene jumps at it. However, her poor eyesight, which has caused her to remain a lonely wallflower her whole life, almost stops her from the trip. That is until she meets a young city boy who agrees to come along with her and be her eyes. Along the way, Charlene learns the ins and outs, ups and downs of what it means for the children to be sent west on the orphan train.

Bronson Jacobs, owner of a Kansas brick company is on his way home when he first meets Charlene on the train. He is instantly attracted to her and interested in the concept of the Orphan Train, but he can’t understand why she doesn’t get some spectacles to help her see better. Bronson offers to tag along and watch the proceedings as the children on the Orphan Train are placed with families in several Kansas towns.

When Bronson takes it into his own hands to force Charlene to get a pair of spectacles, will she see his act as one of love? AMAZON






When scar faced, Griffin catches an old miner stealing from his store, he insists the man work off the debt. However, when the man gets too sick to work, Griffin sends for Izzy, whom Griffin thinks is the old man’s wife. When the girl turns out to be the man’s beautiful and kind daughter, Griffin finds himself torn between continuing to wear the façade of a beast, or lowering his defenses and allowing Izzy’s beauty to soften his soul.

Can this beauty and this beast find love? AMAZON







When Desiree decides to move home, to Fredericksburg, Texas and open an art studio, she finds herself strangely satisfied helping save the lovely Blue Bonnet Inn from closing. She also finds herself attracted to the handsome new owner and part time Elvis impersonator. AMAZON






As Wealthy, Debutante Violet Beauchamp travels across country on route 66, she finds a small dog hurt on the road.

Unwilling to leave the dog, she stops at a small Hopi Indian souvenir stand, where she is advised to go to the
Holbrook Wigwam Motel. She is also given an enchanted rock, and told that the next man she sees will be the man she marries.

When she meets motel clerk, Lee,although handsome and kind, she still believe she is destined to marry a wealthy man in California whom she has never met. Once Lee teaches her a lesson in humility and shares the love of Jesus Christ with her, Violet is no longer sure about
marrying anyone but Lee.

Will the enchanted rock give her the man of her dreams, or will God lead her into His plan for her life? AMAZON








When Elsa finds an old snow globe in the attic of the New York City mansion where she works as a cook’s assistant, she is magically transported to the quaint Snow Globe Village where she meets the long lost grandson of her employer and is offered a chance to become a baker and his wife… Will Grant convince her to stay in the Snow Globe Village or will she turn the snow globe upside down and take them both back to a place where it would be impossible for them to share a life of love? AMAZON







The child gulped in fright, then immediately calmed. A sweet smile appeared and she whispered. “I told Daddy I was going to find an angel for Christmas.”

When Angelica Cartwright heads to Kentucky to begin her teaching career, she never dreams she will be waylaid in Mistletoe Kentucky with a broken foot and cared for by a handsome wood carver and his daughter. However, she soon finds that Luke Tanner is also carving himself onto her heart.  AMAZON







Jennie Felder has come from Oregon on a mule train, to join her brother in Shasta, California.

When she arrives and discovers her brother is running the Gold Dust Saloon, she wants to leave, but has no place to go. Then, her brother gets put in jail, and she must run some kind of business to keep him from losing the building. Against the recommendation of handsome Lance Corte, Jennie converts the saloon into a Tea House.

Can she convert Lance’s heart as well? BUY NOW






When Rose puts an ad in a western newspaper advertising for a husband she hopes to find a gentle but plain looking man. After traveling to Prairie City, Iowa she discovers there has been a mistake in her ad and her intended is expecting something far different than a wife. Will God help Rose find love and discover her own true beauty? BUY NOW






“Well, I’ve never fallen for a man before.”

When Henrietta agrees to become a mail order angel for Benjamin Capel, she moves to Angel Vale Wyoming eager to begin working in the town’s eatery. Although happy with her job and attracted to her husband-to-be, she discovers that Benjamin has several secrets. What does he do for a living, why does talking about money upset him so much and who actually owns the Angel Vale Eatery. Will these questions be answered so she can freely say I Do or does God have a different plan for her life in Angel Vale?  AMAZON


Henrietta Myrick set a small valise on the porch. With a sigh, she closed the front door of the large, old boardinghouse, and then looked at the envelope clasped in her hand.

It’s the only thing I can think of to do, Lord. Please help me to find a good life in Wyoming.

“Yoo-Hoo, Henrietta, are you ready to go?”

She looked up and smiled. Alice Canton, her best friend, was sitting in the driver’s seat of a small surrey.

“Your train will leave without you if we don’t hurry.”

Henrietta made her way down the pathway. When she reached the picket fence’s gate, she turned to gaze at the house one last time. It will only be a memory now. She couldn’t help but allow another heavy sigh to escape.

The letter in her hand made a crinkling noise as a gentle breeze blew over it, and pulled her thoughts back to the task at hand. Get to the station, board the train, switch to a wagon, get to Angel Vale, meet Benjamin Capell, get married.

It all sounded simple, but the reality of going through with the whole thing was terrifying. Ever since her pastor’s daughter, Becky had given her the pamphlet about the men in Angel Vale, Wyoming looking for mail order brides, her life had been turned upside down.

There’s no going back. I have nothing left here.

Henrietta turned, pushed open the gate and moved toward the surrey. She handed her valise up to Alice and clambered into the front beside her friend, glad she had sent her trunk ahead to the station. She settled onto the hard seat and took a gulp of air to press down the fear and sorrow that gripped her heart. After squeezing her eyes shut for several seconds, she looked up and met her friend’s sympathetic eyes.

“You don’t have to go, Henrietta. If we put our minds together, we can come up with a different answer.” Alice reached out and patted Henrietta’s hand. “Jon assured me last night. You are welcome to stay with us.”

“You’re newlyweds. You don’t need an old maid like me in the house.”

Her friend frowned. “You’re not an old maid. You have never given yourself a chance, never mingled with the young people, never attended church socials. You just kept yourself locked up in the kitchen of the boardinghouse. There was never an opportunity for you to meet anyone.”

“I loved the boardinghouse. Grandmother was kind enough to take me in when I was nine years old. She taught me to cook. I love cooking and I loved the boarders. I have no regrets.”

“Except, now you’re twenty-nine years old, your grandmother is gone, the boardinghouse is closed up and you have no husband.”

The words sounded harsh, but Henrietta knew her friend meant well. Hadn’t she told herself the same things over the last several weeks?

“But, you don’t have to go all the way to Wyoming. If you stay with us, Jon and I can introduce you to several eligible bachelors.”

Henrietta shook her head, straightened and laughed. “I have already committed to marrying Benjamin Capell. Besides, we both know the mail order bride pamphlet was a Godsend for me. I’m just feeling nostalgic. It’s hard to say goodbye to a house. It’s not like a person who you can write letters to, or see in heaven someday. A house is just…well, it’s just a house. But I have so many wonderful memories here…” Her voice faded.

“Are you ready?” Alice asked. Henrietta fought back the forming tears and nodded.

Alice clicked the reins and the horse moved.

Although her heart tugged at her, Henrietta did not look back.


Henrietta sat ramrod straight as the driver turned the team of horses toward Angel Vale. Her body ached and cried out each time the wagon bumped over a rut. It seemed as if they had traveled for endless hours since stepping off the train. She was told that Angel Vale was a mere twenty-five miles from the railroad spur head, but it felt more like one hundred miles.

During most of the ride, Amanda Geoffrey and she had chatted, but as they drew near town, all the girls had grown quiet. As they crossed a creaky, old covered bridge, she clasped her hands together. When the Morgan horses pulled the wagon out the other side of the covered bridge, she squinted, trying to see the town. From her vantage point, she could make out a dirt road, and a row of wooden buildings all standing in a straight line.

Henrietta could see her breath form a small cloud in front of her. She pulled her thin shawl closer and shivered. The late September air cut through her.

If it’s this frigid in September, I wonder how cold it will get in the winter? I will need warmer clothes, boots, mittens. The winters in Maine are cold and wet, but living with Grandmother I hardly ever had to step outside. I’m not prepared clothing-wise for Wyoming weather.

Henrietta and the other mail order brides, who were dispersed in three wagons, gave a cheer as the wagon drew near the town. Although the brides seemed jubilant, she could feel apprehension fill all twelve women. She trembled.

Lord, please let Benjamin be kind. It doesn’t matter that he isn’t rich, or prince charming. I’m an old maid, so I can’t ask for much. A small home, a kind husband…

Her shoulder’s shrugged. At least until Benjamin and I marry, I’ll be a cook. Maybe not in my own restaurant as I’ve always dreamed of, but I’ll be able to continue doing what I love.

Her eyes strained, searching the row of buildings for a sign to indicate the location of the Angel Vale Eatery. In his most recent letter, Benjamin assured her the new restaurant needed a cook and was holding the job for her. She was thankful because she wanted to be able to make money and pay her own way during the months before she and Benjamin married. Aside from a whole new winter wardrobe, there were things she would need. One trunk of clothes and a small valise of personal items were all she owned.

Benjamin had written that he and his father owned a small mine and made enough money to provide a comfortable life, nothing extravagant. But as they drew closer to the town and she noted the poor condition of the buildings, she wondered what his idea of a comfortable life meant.

The road leading into town was nothing more than an old oxen trail and the short row of buildings was unimpressive. They passed the blacksmith shop across from the row of buildings. She noted a sheriff’s office next to a small legal office.

At least there is some law and order here. Amanda’s future husband is sheriff. I wonder how she will be able to live, always worried about him getting killed?

There was also, unfortunately, a saloon called the Golden Nugget. She bit her bottom lip. Benjamin never mentioned if he is a drinking man. He claims to be a Christian, but… Her stomach twisted as more thoughts surfaced. There were many unanswered questions.

The driver clicked and pulled on the reins. The horses stopped in front of the Underwood mercantile. “Welcome to Angel Vale,” the mercantile owner’s voice rang out.

With a huge gulp, Henrietta glanced up. A row of men lined the boardwalk in front of the store. Her eyes searched each man’s face until she found the one that matched the tintype Benjamin had sent her. For a moment their eyes locked.

Henrietta’s lips twitched into a small smile. He was as handsome as she had hoped.


After Sophia introduced each woman to the group of men clustered by the mercantile, chaos reigned as the men moved forward to greet their brides-to-be. Henrietta noted her two small pieces of luggage still in the wagon that would be taken to the place she and several other brides who were not getting married right away would stay. For a moment she stood gazing outward thinking.

Not much to bring into a marriage, Lord. I have no money, no dowry, hardly enough clothes to last out a year. I only hope I can please Benjamin in other ways; cooking, cleaning, sewing.

“Henrietta?” a deep voice startled her reverie.

She turned too quickly. Benjamin was standing so close, she had to step back, but as she did, her foot caught on the edge of the suitcase and she tumbled backward, landing on the hard, dirt ground, in a sitting position.

She could feel the red heat of embarrassment seep into her cheeks. She covered them with her hands and looked up at him. She was pleased to see a spark of amusement in his eyes.

“Well, I’ve never fallen for a man before.” She giggled.

Benjamin’s eyes registered shock at her comment, but almost immediately a huge grin spread across his face. He took her outstretched hand in his and pulled her to her feet with such power, she fell against his muscular chest. Henrietta placed her hands on his chest and pushed away. When she was finally standing on her own two feet, their eyes locked and they both burst out laughing.

“I’m glad you have a sense of humor, Benjamin. I’m afraid with me around, you will need one.”