Lisa Worthey Smith

A long-time Bible student with a passion to help people grasp the depths of God’s love, Lisa has been called “the parable teacher”. Using stories of everyday life and Creation, she weaves gentle stories of inspiration, hope, and love with the common theme of seeing the hand of God at work.

“Lisa has been blessed mightily through her relationship with Jesus Christ. God’s purpose in creating us and bringing us to His salvation is all so that we can have an intimate relationship with Him. Through the eyes of Oscar the hummingbird, God prepared Lisa for a time soon to come where her health would begin to fade, where His sovereign hand would be enough to sustain her in joy, and where her brokenness would bring hope to all of us.”
Travis Toth, Author of:
“The Promises of God – Book 1: the Gospel Message”
A Guide to Living an Extraordinary Life

“If you want to learn and grow from a humble teacher of God’s Word who is in touch with all the wonders that He has made, the writings of Lisa Worthey Smith are worthy of your time and attention. She inspires me with her warmth, her adoration of the Creator, and the sincerity of her heart. I recommend her work to you.”
Dr. John D. Bain

“Delightful and refreshing! Lisa Worthy Smith has articulated well how God reveals His character, His ways and His loving care for us in both the simple joys and the great challenges of life.”
Dr. Michael Cassity, Pastor

“I was engaged and locked into this book from the very first words. The stories are captivating and the messages are moving.”
Cliff Robertson, Jr. M.Div, ThD.

“A simple beauty of expression pervades the pages of this book, shining light on details of our natural world and lessons to be learned of the supernatural work of God in our lives! You are made to want to step outside into the wonder of our Father’s creation to see for yourself His handiwork and what you can learn about His work in you. I have noted through the years that “God is always up to something–good! (Romans 8:28) This book helps you see some of what “He’s up to”, even when we suffer. Using the lens of her heart, Lisa zooms in on the amazing movements and moments of life all around us, and we catch a glimpse of His glory and of His grace! Well-written; biblically based; doctrinally sound . . . insightful and engaging! This is a good book that will refresh your soul.”

Randy Von Kanel, Th.D.
Pastor, Cayman Islands Baptist Church

2018 NGCWC Georgia Peach Award An inspiring story of sacrifice, courage, and perseverance, in the face of incredible odds. When you reach your promise land, you kiss the ground.

Saigon had fallen. With Communism breathing down their backs and their wealth and freedom wiped out, Thanh’s parents had to make an agonizing decision. Without enough gold to pay for boat passage for all eight family members, they had to choose whether to stay together and face whatever came in Vietnam, or risk separating the family to give a child a chance to survive. They had only hours to decide.

Under the cover of darkness, two weeks after her twelfth birthday, Thanh left on an overloaded riverboat set for Australia through the pirate-riddled South China Sea. If their boat could survive that, then Thanh would find a way to have her family join her Down Under.
But that would never happen. One after another, obstacles most people can’t even imagine threatened to take her life.

This is the true story of Thanh Dương Boyer’s strength, courage, and perseverance in the harshest of circumstances to fulfill the dream of living under the banner of freedom. The Ground Kisser is a faith-building, flag-waving story that will inspire you to recognize the important things in life, treasure them, and take action to preserve them–even if it cost your life. AMAZON