Laurie Boulden

Laurie Boulden was born in Philadelphia, grew up in Oklahoma, and now resides in Florida. She is an educator and a writer. Writing has been her passion since childhood, so the opportunity to publish is thrilling. Her family consists of her dog, Sandy, and two cats. Will there be a third cat? Or a puppy in the future some time? Maybe so.
Writing for now is Christian Romance. She believes a good story is food for the soul.
Her favorite quote is “Not all those who wander are lost”. She loves to wander.

As an undercover officer, Kathryn Brussel is used to lies, deception, and finding what’s been hidden. When her sister goes missing, Kathryn seeks help. Sparks fly with Sergeant Marshall Franklin. She doesn’t trust him, but he may be the only one who can protect all of them from killer jewel thieves. To win, they must find the hidden gems and escape the traps set against them.

Get caught up in the fast-paced thrilling chase. The stakes are high, romance is sparking, and the twists keep everyone guessing. AMAZON