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Finding Boaz

A Library Journal Self-e Select Title Part-time musician and single mom, Abby Ericksen, just quit her job to escape a boss who made unwelcome advances. The same day, her deceitful ex-husband arrives demanding custody of their daughter. Another man is the LAST thing on Abby’s mind…when she meets the man she can’t resist.

Duncan MacLeod needs a wife. The old family covenant requires that his wife-to-be ask him to marry her. Covenant or not, Duncan is convinced that Abby is that woman. Can he overcome her distrust and prove his love is real? Real enough that she can trust him? Real enough that she will propose to him? AMAZON

Christmas Gift, The - Izzy James

Winner of the 2016 MAGGIE AWARD

Fifty-five year old Jack Callahan has been alone, by choice, for five years.

Forty-five year old Erica Thomas has never had a serious relationship and believes that love and marriage is not God’s plan for her.

Can a chance meeting in an airport and an impetuous photo change their destiny and prove that it’s never too late to fall in love? AMAZON


Book Two in the Brandywine Village Series is a modern continuation of a classic tale.

We all know Ebenezer Scrooge was saved at the end of A Christmas Carol, but what happened the following year when he went back home? But what happened a year later when Scrooge went home to the village where he grew up?

In this modern re-imagining of the classic tale, Ebenezer Stack comes home seeking forgiveness from the woman he left behind.

Silverbelle Bennett got over Ebenezer Stack exactly thirty-three years ago when he chose money and a successful career over a happily-ever-after with her. Sure, she forgives him, but that doesn’t mean he has to be a part of her life…Even if her BFF and her father think they’re a match.

Can a newborn Ebenezer Stack convince his long lost love that it’s never too late? AMAZON