Gregory Dedicke

Gregory Dedicke is a writer and business owner that resides in Niceville, Florida. Being amilitary child, he has been all over the United States and has traveled abroad to severalcountries. He has a love for traveling, learning, and studying other cultures. He also runs a smalllifestyle brand known as “American Renegades,” a company focused on highlighting thesurvivalist and renegade lifestyle.

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The cost of fortune.The life of a Collector is never an easy one. On a radioactive planet, known as Aegis 12, Abel is investigating the leads to a treasure in a world where no human has ever trekked before. However, during his search, he finds something else; a human skull with a bullet hole in its forehead.Now fueled by curiosity, Abel embarks on a journey to find the identity of the victim. Along the way, he’ll encounter friends, enemies, and a sinister shadow organization. Soon he will discover that this victim, this mystery, is part of a much larger conspiracy that threatens the entire universe and will find the real cost of fortune. AMAZON