Regina Rodgers


Regina Rodgers is an author from Kansas City. As a former Army wife, she’s been privileged to live all over the US and in Europe, living for three years in Italy. She’s been writing for as long as she can remember and, now that she’s retired, writes Inspirational and Western Historical romance novels. Regina is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) and was a 2022 semifinalist in their Genesis contest. She also won first place in HeRA’s Show Me the Spark contest and second place in the Historical category in Winged Publications’ 2022 Taking Flight contest.

What could a devil-may-care riverboat gambler and a widowed Christian horse rancher have in common?

As soon as Evangeline Gentry locks eyes with the rogue Black Jack Brannigan, he tells her she’s beautiful and insults her in the same breath. In spite of his insult, she can’t help the attraction she feels for him.

Jack soon lands in jail in Independence, Missouri. When he discovers his gambling winnings are gone from his saddlebags, he can’t pay his fine. To be released from jail, he must agree to thirty days of community service on Evangeline’s ranch.

For almost a month, Jack and Evangeline argue, take care of two orphaned children, and fall in love despite everything. After regaining his gambling winnings, will Jack decide to pursue his dreams in California, or stay and take the gamble on love? AMAZON