Peggy Blann Phifer

Peggy Blann Phifer retired from an executive assistant position after twenty-one years in the Electrical Wholesale industry in Las Vegas, Nevada. She came to writing later in life when a prayer she wrote appeared in 2000, in a two-volume Guideposts Book compilation, ‘Prayers for Every Need.’

Her indie-published debut novel, ‘To See the Sun,’ released in January 2012. Since then, her writing has appeared in a number of anthology series’ collections in 2013-015, and she is now writing a series of her own called ‘Sweetwater River.’

Peg’s second novel, “Somehow, Christmas Will Come,” originally released in November 2014, has been redesigned and was re-released in December 2015.

Widowed in October 2012, Peg now makes her home in Northwest Wisconsin in a home she, her daughter and son-in-law bought together on one acre in Ladysmith, and share it with a border-collie mix dog named Rocky.

Peg has three children, six grandchildren, eleven great-grandchildren … so far. She loves writing, reading, crochet, needlepoint, and coloring in an adult coloring book of Mandala patterns and other coloring books she’s collected along the way.

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Could life get any better?
With a husband, four beautiful, adopted teenage daughters, and a forever home, Rozene Carson felt her life was finally complete. With their second daughter well on her way to a music career, and the youngest recovering from a car accident that crushed her ankle, everything’s coming together.

But when another teen girl comes to her for help, Rozene quickly learns how life can throw a monkey-wrench into the works. Can she handle this new situation? Only time–and the grace of God–would tell. AMAZON


Life for newlyweds Mike and Rozene Carson isn’t exactly a bed of roses. Both widowed and childless when they met, they soon got married and adopted four teenage girls from Sullivan, Arkansas’ foster care system, all of which may be more than they bargained for.

Adjusting to what Rozene called their “new normal” took some getting used to. Mike, as pastor of Sullivan’s Assembly of God church, moved into Rozene’s home along the banks of the Sweetwater River and quickly found himself surrounded by a house full of women. Rozene has her own issues to deal with, including anxiety at being a “pastor’s wife.” What does she know about that?

With the three oldest of their adopted daughters off to college in a nearby city, and the youngest soon to graduate from high school, not to mention the Senior prom … well … their lives get even more chaotic.  AMAZON


Fifteen months a widow, Rozene Gentry, bitter, broken, and lonely, has lost her zest for life. All she has is her home and property in Sullivan, Arkansas, along the banks of the Sweetwater River, including the family restaurant she inherited from her late husband and his father.

But things change when Rozene encounters a sixteen-year-old girl in the foster care system. Half Cherokee like Rozene herself, Misty Keyes steals her heart. Through Misty, Rozene meets three other teen girls in the foster care group home, and her life takes on new meaning and purpose.

But Rozene soon learns that God isn’t through with her when, at a gathering of grieving men and women who’ve also lost spouses, she is captivated by the sparkling blue eyes of Mike Carson, the pastor of Sullivan’s Assembly of God church. AMAZON


1930 Chicago is no place for a Wisconsin country girl. Virginia Hopewell visits her cousin in Chicago and gets caught up in a deadly gangster shooting at a speakeasy, barley escaping with her life. After learning of the tragic death of her father, brother, and sister-in-law, Ginny returns to Wisconsin and convinces her mother to reopen the resort her father had closed after losing everything in the stock market crash in 1929. Ransom Blake, an agent with the Chicago Bureau of Prohibition, had been at the same speakeasy acting on a tip about the shooting. Rance is charged with finding the gangster responsible. He and his team are sent to Wisconsin where the man was reported being seen, and to investigate how illegal liquor from Canada is making its way to Chicago. With the opening of Whispering Hope Resort, Rance registers as a guest and comes face to face with the lovely redhead he’d briefly encountered at the speakeasy during the shooting. AMAZON