Mary Alford

Mary Alford grew up in a small Texas town famous for, well not much of anything really. Being the baby of the family and quite a bit younger than her brothers and sister, Mary had plenty of time to entertain herself. Making up stories seem to come natural to her. As a pre-teen, Mary discovered Christian romance novels and knew instinctively that was what she wanted to do with her over-active imagination. She wrote her first novel as a teen, (it’s tucked away somewhere never to see the light of day), but never really pursued her writing career seriously until a few years later, when she wrote her first Christian romance and was hooked. Today, Mary still lives in Texas, and still writes about romance. In fact, she can’t think of anything else she’d rather do. Learn more about Mary Alford at: Also feel free to send her an email to


  She’ll stop at nothing to find her partner’s killer. . .

After a terrorist attack claims the life of her best friend and partner, CIA Agent Erin Sandoval finds herself caught in a nightmare that won’t end. When the terrorist’s trail suddenly turns ice-cold, Erin’s team is deployed to Afghanistan to find the elusive threat the CIA believes is responsible for taking Blake’s life.

From the start, the mission proves to be a setup. As the only survivors of a bomb attack, Erin and Agent Jax Murphy must keep one step ahead of the unknown threat stalking them if they stand a chance at finding the killer’s true identity. Yet cutting through the wealth of lies surrounding the mission proves nearly impossible while running for their lives. And the biggest threat to their survival might just prove to be their growing feelings for each other.  AMAZON


  Help me. . .

When CIA Agent Jade Hunter receives a text message from a dead man, she puts aside her fear at returning to the country where she almost died, because if Darius is alive and reaching out to her, his life is in danger. Crossing the border into Iran, Jade and her guide are immediately attacked. Both almost die from a rocket attack. With their Humvee destroyed, they are on foot and on their own behind enemy lines. The only person who can save her now is the man she walked away from ten years earlier.

She’s the only thing that can bring CIA Director Coleman “Cole” Dean back into the field after all these years. Only her. Always Jade. When Cole gets the worst possible news that Jade has gone missing in Iran, he can’t get to her fast enough. Crossing into the danger zone, Cole and his team have no idea the truths they are about to uncover, or that it will lead them to the one enemy no one expected. AMAZON


  Eight years ago. . . Charlotte Swenson was brutally attacked on Christmas. Left for dead, her parents murdered, Charlotte remains suspended in a lifeless state. No one expects her to awake from the coma.

For eight years. . . a killer has hidden in plain sight. Watching. Waiting. Never letting down his guard, because he knows Charlotte has information locked away in her sleeping mind that can put him away forever.

Eight years. . . Dylan Parker loved. Visited. Prayed. Struggled to come to terms with the realization that his Charlie might never wake up. Though he might not be able to help free her from the darkness that holds her hostage, he can do everything in his power to find her attacker and bring him to justice.

Dylan joined the Bitter Creek, Wyoming sheriff’s department. Spent every spare minute of his life searching for answers. When the former sheriff retired, Dylan took over the position.

Through eight long years. . . Dylan has searched for clues. Wondered why a killer who showed such brutality would simply stop. But Dylan has no way of knowing, the killer hasn’t stopped, he’s just waiting for his next victim. The one that didn’t die. Charlotte.

After eight years. . . Charlotte Swenson is about to fight her way out of the blackness into a world she doesn’t remember. It’s up to Dylan to help her unravel the past secrets of that Christmas long ago if they ever stand a chance at a future beyond so much death.

Welcome to Bitter Creek, Wyoming, where the breathtaking beauty of the mountains hides a much darker secret. And the men and women of the Bitter Creek Sheriff’s department will face unimaginable challenges as they fight to uncover the crimes that seek to destroy the tranquility of their community before it’s too late.  AMAZON


In the Wind River Mountains of Wyoming, a secret that started in the deserts of Afghanistan is about to be revealed, bringing with it a wealth of death and danger. The only question remaining is who will be left standing when the dust settles.

When Bitter Creek Sheriff’s Deputy Ava Harper discovers her brother is missing, she has no idea Nathan’s disappearance in the Wind River Mountains near his home will send her and FBI Agent Baker Westover on a race against time, weather, and the past no one knew existed, just to find out the truth before it claims Nathan’s life. . .and theirs. AMAZON



When you don’t know which way to turn, the most dangerous place to fall is in love…

Surrounded by death and lies, the last thing Dr. Jordan Scott needs is to fall in love.

Jordan thought she knew her boyfriend better than anyone…until a Detective Riley Donovan confronts her with the truth about her brother’s death. His murder was no random act of violence. And Caesar is the prime suspect, which puts her directly in the path of danger. AMAZON



For years, Katie Fleming has wondered what really happened to her mother all those years ago, beyond the lies her father told her.

Breaking free of his control, Katie returns to her childhood home of Sanctuary, Montana to find out about her mother’s death, not knowing what she is about to uncover will shatter everything she believes true about her past and her mother’s fate.

Former Pastor Adam Carter has been living in the shadow of his wife’s murder for almost a year, and its cost him everything. His wife. His church. Possibly his freedom, as the only suspect in Sarah’s murder. The only way Adam can clear his name is follow the few clues the police in Texas refuse to acknowledge. The glimpse of a man he spotted leaving their home before he found Sarah dead, and a business card from the Sanctuary Cabins left near her body.

When Adam meets Katie, he can tell she is one troubled soul…like himself. The pastor in him wants to help her. Inviting her to join him for the meal unravels a story that surprises them both. At one time, they lived near each other. Adam remembers playing with the little dark haired girl. The connection Adam feels to Katie is strong. As their entwined stories slowly unfold, the clues to truth will lead them on a journey with an outcome neither expected. AMAZON


Secrets in Amish Country…

She’d fought her way through eight long years of terror. Now she’s back home amongst her Amish people, yet Rebecca Nissley feels like an outsider. She’s lost so much. Her friends. Time with her Mamm and Daed. The possibility of a future with the man she loves.

Deputy Sheriff Sawyer Beiler thought this day would never come. After two young Amish women were murdered, and Rebecca Nissley disappeared while on Rumspringa years earlier, Sawyer believed he’d lost Rebecca for good. With the pain too much to bear, Sawyer left the Amish faith behind and joined the sheriff’s department, determined to find out what happened that summer day long ago.

Now Rebecca is back, and Sawyer and his team must race against the clock to stop a madman before he can claim Rebecca again. Can the monster be captured in time? Will there be a second chance for Sawyer and Rebecca after the nightmare she’s survived or has too much time passed for them to claim a happy ending. AMAZON



Donovan Henderson is finally coming home to Cedar Creek, Texas. Yet it is not to the sweet homecoming he’d once imagined. He is not the same man who left Cedar Creek for the war in Afghanistan. Donovan feels like half a man after surviving an IED attack that ended his career as a Marine and took his left leg. Donovan’s heart is encased in bitterness. Will he find his place in Cedar Creek once again? And can he accept the love that has been standing right in front of him all along?

Ava Richards lost her husband to the same war that took Donovan’s leg. Even after two years, Ava is still crippled by the loss. Unable to move forward with her life, she is stuck in the past. Yet the more time she spends with her husband’s best friend Donovan, the more Ava longs for a second chance at life and love. Can she convince Donovan he doesn’t have to leave Cedar Creek to come back to life again? And is it possible for two wounded souls to help each other learn what love really means this Christmas? AMAZON



In the shadow of the Mission Mountains of Montana, a nightmare is about to come to life.

Facing her first Christmas since her father’s passing, Hannah Christianson must put aside the desires of her heart to one day have a family of her own in order to take care of her younger brother and sister. Yet when an unexpected stranger comes into her life, he possesses the power to rekindle all those longings.

Mason Lambright is the grown up version of the boy who has haunted Hannah’s dreams since she was a little girl. From the moment Mason stops in at her family’s café, Hannah feels a connection to him.

Banned Amish dairy farmer Mason Lambright is running from allegations that brand him a murderer. Desperate to reclaim his place in the Plain world once again, he ends up at the Mission Valley Community searching for a new beginning.
But Mason’s unexpected appearance brings with it a hint of something far darker when another man arrives in the valley shortly after Mason. Everything about the intimidating stranger makes Hannah fearful. Who is this man, and why has he come to her peaceful Mission Valley community? The answer will be far more deadly than anything she could have imagined.

Haunted by a recent the fire that took the life of his mother, Mason recalls a similar one when he was a young boy. The little girl with silver hair that he saved from that fire. The mysterious man running away who warned Mason to keep his mouth shut. The feeling that something evil lurked nearby waiting to pounce.

Mason is struck by how much Hannah reminds him of that young girl from childhood. He is convinced their lives are connected in spite of the impossible. Hannah has never lived anywhere but Mission Valley.

With Christmas just days away, will Hannah and Mason unravel the secrets from their joined past and find the love they’ve both been searching for? Or will their dangerous history take away their chance at happiness…along with their lives? AMAZON


She almost died at the hands of a madman. Will she survive another dance with the devil?

FBI Agent Samantha Morning Star barely survived a serial killer’s knife when the Night Slasher captured her, intent on making her his next victim. Samantha’s narrow escape still haunts her, sending her fleeing to the one place where she has always felt safe. The Durante Mountain Cheyenne Indian Reservation in Northern Wyoming. But Samantha’s past sins are all there waiting for her. The young boy she once loved and left behind is now all grown up and the chief of police for the reservation.

Chief Zack Standing Elk can’t believe it. The woman who tore his hearts to shreds is back. But Samantha isn’t the same person she once was when she left the reservation behind after her grandmother’s death, insisting that he not wait for her. Samantha is one troubled soul. It isn’t long before he realizes the reason behind the fear in her eyes, when the killer who took her hostage follows her to the Cheyenne reservation determined to claim her as his once more.

With the clock ticking on the Night Slasher’s latest victim, Zack’s past sins come back and haunt him as well. Can he find out the Slasher’s true identity before he takes another innocent life? And will he be able to stop the killer who is coming after Samantha full force?



When Cady receives the heartbreaking call from Deputy Aamon Lone Elk telling her that her sister has died in a fire that mimics the one that took her parents’ lives, Cady knows she has to return to Wyoming to find out what really happened to Samantha.

Deputy Sheriff Aamon Lone Elk knows a little about grief himself. He lost his wife to a drunk driver five years earlier. Aamon still isn’t able to move beyond the pain. Yet meeting Cady Russell throws him. She is both beautiful and strong, and he is attracted to her right away.

Cady has been lost in the past as well, unable to move beyond the tragedy that claimed her parents. Now her sister is dead by the same means, and she is convinced the two fires are related.

As the attraction between then continue to grow, can Aamon keep Cady safe as they peel back the layers of lies connected to the two fires? Or will a killer bent on keeping his deadly acts secret send them both to their graves? AMAZON


Former CIA Agent Kate Reagan finds herself in the middle of storm that has disrupted her life for six years. When Kate’s entire team was killed by the terrorist they’d been chasing for months, Kate finds the only way to save her life is to pretend to lose it.

After moving dozens of times through the years, Kate ends up in the small mountain town of Soaring Eagle, Wyoming where everything about the place screams of the home she’s been longing for.

Running into Deputy Sheriff Brady Connors, Kate finds herself attracted to the handsome frontier lawman right away, but having a future is not possible while the enemy is still stalking her.

With Brady’s help, Kate is about face the showdown she’s been expecting for a long time, when the enemy coming after her proves to be closer than Kate could ever imagine. AMAZON


 At sixteen, Liam Cartwright swore he’d never return to Bitter Creek, Texas and his family’s ranch again, after his high school sweetheart, Wynonna Summers broke his heart by choosing his cousin over Liam. But this time is different. His family needs him now that his father is dead.

After going over the books at the ranch, what Liam discovers is shocking. The Cartwright ranch is in real financial trouble thanks to his cousin’s bad investments. The one person who can help him save his family home, is his former sweetheart and his cousin’s widow, Wynonna.

As old stirrings for Wynonna churn to the surface, she seems determined to keep him at a distance, even trying to play matchmaker and fix him up with her best friend Cheryl.

Did their past mean nothing to Wynonna, or is she desperately trying to keep him at arm’s length because like him, she never got over the love they once shared? AMAZON


 Cara Stevens is finally coming back home to Cartwright, Montana. But will she find the place she longs from her childhood or a past without hope.

Since Cara left Cartwright a little more than a year earlier, not much has changed. Except her life is in shambles, her heart broken and the man she thought she had left behind is standing before her claiming to be a changed man.



 When Chloe Michaels is caught in the sudden snowstorm on a deserted mountain road, she has no idea how quickly her life is about to change. Brady Samuels never expected a simple act of kindness to turn his life around from a carefree screw-up to an unexpected hero. AMAZON



 Tara Blevins is in desperate need of a second chance after her son’s death. But will she find it in the old lodge left to her by her cousin, or the man who broke her heart by promising her he’d love her forever.

Nothing about Tara and their troubled past adds up in Devon McAllister’s mind. Tara acts like he’s the one who broke off their relationship, yet nothing could be further from the truth. Devon tells her that after she left Second Chance, he wrote her several letters and gave them to her cousin to mail. When she didn’t respond to them, he believed he had his answer.

Was it all just a horrible misunderstanding? Tara tells Devon about the letters she wrote him. So why did Lisbeth want to keep them apart? And what might have happened if they’d each had a chance to read those letters? AMAZON


Baker Kylie McGraw is so done with romance. The move to Second Chance, Montana is supposed to be her ‘second chance’ at a new beginning. Kylie throws herself into opening her very own bakery in the Second Chance Lodge and tries to convince herself she’s content with what she’s created. That is, until a mysterious stranger shows up at the lodge and has Kylie rethinking everything, including her former opinion on love.

Aiden Wilder just didn’t happen to show up at the Second Chance Lodge. He’s there for a reason. To meet the owner of the bakery and find out if she really stole his grandmother’s patented cookie recipe. The one that made Grandma Wilder’s Cookies a household legend. The last thing Aiden expects to do is to find himself falling in love with the bakery’s very attractive owner. AMAZON


 Runaway bride Anna Logan walked out on her wedding when she discovered the true reason her fiancé wanted to marry her was because of her family’s money. When Anna finds herself in Second Chance, Montana, the place where her parents fell in love, the last thing she is expecting to find is Seth Collins, a man that makes her heart go crazy and sends her common sense for a loop. Soon, Anna realizes she’s made a very lucky escape by leaving her old life behind.

Furniture maker Seth Collins isn’t expecting to find the woman of his dreams right there in his grandmother’s coffee shop in Second Chance, Montana. After one failed engagement, Seth is pretty sure love isn’t in the cards for him until he meets the lovely Anna Logan. Anna has him believing there just might be a second chance at love possible for the both of them if only they are willing to let go of their past mistakes and trust each other. AMAZON


Rachel Stevens thought she’d left the past along with all of her mistakes behind in Austin after her brief marriage to childhood sweetheart Jack Bryant ended with an annulment and a broken heart.

Now, Rachel must face the man she still loves once again in order to save her son’s life. But can she believe Jack when he tells her he’s not the man he used to be? AMAZON