Martha Rogers


Martha Rogers is a free-lance writer and was named Writer of the Year at the Texas Christian Writers Conference in 2009 and writes a weekly devotional for ACFW. Martha and her husband Rex live in Houston where they enjoy spending time with their grandchildren. A former English and Home Economics teacher, Martha loves to cook and experimenting with recipes and loves scrapbooking when she has time. She has written three series, Winds Across the Prairie and Seasons of the Heart and The Homeward Journey. Book three in that series, Love Never Fails, released in November, 2014.  To see all of Martha’s books visit her page here


  After a broken engagement and disappointment with her job, Lauren Phillips resigns from her work and returns to Willow Grove to help take care of her mother while she undergoes treatments for her cancer. She encounters Derek Castella who stole her heart over fifteen years ago when he visited his grandparents every summer. After he left for college, she didn’t hear from again and left home for a new career.

Now, years later he has returned to Willow Grove as a partner in his grandfather’s law firm. With their old feelings rising to the surface, they face the wrath of Lauren’s nemesis from high school days. As events come together, Lauren finds she must overcome the past before she finds hope for the future.  AMAZON 


While hunting for some old books in the attic, Adelaide Wingate finds not only an antique trunk filled with books, but also another smaller chest with the initials BW. Inside, she finds a letter with an unusual poem as a clue to a treasure he buried before his death. A key and instructions are included. The key and poem are to be given to the oldest unmarried grandchild in the youngest generation at the time the key is found who is Adelaide.

She enlists the help of a new foreman, Blake Sullivan, hired by her father to run the ranch. Addie begins to care about Blake and believes he cares about her until she discovers that her father hired Blake not only to be foreman of the ranch, but to also woo and wed Addie in return for a share in the ranch. Blake truly loves her and tells Mr. Wingate he no longer cares about anything except regaining Addie’s trust.

Can they let go of secrets to embrace love?  AMAZON


  Many stories abound concerning the old Farnsworth Manor Estate with a witch or a ghost being the occupant sometimes seen as a shadow in the window.

Nathan Farnsworth returns to Mandeville to dispel those stories, take care of his elderly grandmother, serve on the medical staff of the Mandeville Infirmary, and possibly revive his relationship with Penelope Carlson, the girl he loved in his youth.

Penelope, a reporter for the town newspaper, has always been interested in the Farnsworth house because of Nathan and her love for him so many years ago. Now that he’s back, she hopes to learn more and possibly meet Nathan’s reclusive grandmother.

A week before Christmas, a news story dug up by another reporter paints a dark picture of Olivia Farnsworth and leaves many questions unanswered. Because his grandmother gave Penelope the true story to reveal at Christmas instead earlier, Nathan believes Penelope has betrayed his trust.

Penny must make amends and make sure the true story is told. Will she be able to win back Nathan’s love and trust and help him to carry on the Farnsworth legacy? AMAZON


  Fifteen years ago, Elena Boucher, known as Vonda Mason, dropped out of the spotlight of show business after a car accident killed her husband and left her critically wounded. Now, with a teenage daughter, she joins a trip with her daughter and other youth from her church on a mission trip to Nashville. There she discovers the pastor of the host church is Jonathan Wilbanks, an old classmate from high school. Seeing him and being in the city that brought her fame and fortune brings back memories and secrets she buried the day she left town and disappeared. Now, all of that is being threatened as she is recognized and hounded for information about her disappearance. As friends rally around her, Elena learns that trusting in the Lord can overcome everything threatening her present and give her future she had never dreamed possible. AMAZON


Cherie Kenton came home to Edenville to become business manager of her aunt’s floral shop. Although the town held bad memories for her, the object of that memory didn’t live there anymore.

Then, Troy McNeil moved home to partner with his father in his law firm, and his office sat directly across the street from the floral shop. Ten years of the memory of how he humiliated her at their prom has built a wall around Cherie’s heart.

It’s a wall Troy is determined to tear down and win back the trust and love of the only girl he has ever truly loved.

Will his one selfish mistake as a teenager ruin their chances of ever finding happiness, or will this be the Christmas for the gift of love to reunite their hearts? AMAZON


  Marcie Stevens is given a last minute assignment when the previous reporter has twins a month early. Marcie now must interview and write a story about a champion saddle-bronc rider although she knows nothing about rodeos and has never been to one. Colton Taylor is going for his third championship and agree to the interview only because of the recognition it would bring to the Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association and rodeos in Texas. When the two meet and work together, an instant attraction forms. The more she learns about rodeo life the more skeptical Marcie is about falling for a rodeo cowboy. The longer Colt is with Marcie, the more he questions his life as a rodeo performer. Both have decisions to make, but will those final decisions include each other?  AMAZON


  A case of amnesia and mistaken identity, a long hidden family secret, a plan to take away a woman’s wealth, and a determined young woman’s plan to stop it, all lead to a family showdown. When the deceptions are uncovered, lives are changed forever. AMAZON


  After her husband’s death, Shelley Iverson finally returns to her old home in Pine Grove, Texas where her friends and family give her support and encouragement. One friend, Reid Sellers, was her husband’s best friend. Now that she’s home, Reid’s old feelings for her return as he keeps a promise to his friend to take care of Shelley and the twins. As events unfold, his love grows, but will Shelley be able to open her heart to a new love and a future with Reid? AMAZON


  Leila Abbott, despaired of ever finding a husband, has one goal in mind–to raise enough money for a library and a new addition for the clinic. Jake Halliday’s goal is to find a place he can call home after five years of drifting from town to town. Leila’s attraction to the tall, dark stranger grows as he blends in with the people of Paradise Valley and lends a hand with his wood-working skills to help organize the largest fund-raising event ever seen by the town. Leila’s enthusiasm and determination strike a chord in Jake as he searches for answers about faith and forgiveness. Their hopes and dreams for the future may well drive them apart, or bring about the love they both have sought. AMAZON


  Garrison Cole says he’s no longer the jerk of high school, but Kelly Graves has a difficult time believing him, even though he’s now using his wealth to make the lives of others better. As she works with him on Christmas projects for their church mission center and the children’s hospital, her heart warms to him and her trust returns. Then she learns the truth of his grandmother’s will and her trust goes out the window. Garry has only until Christmas to win back her trust or lose her love forever. Will she listen or keep her heart a closed door? AMAZON


  Travis fell in love with Violet when she was fourteen. Now, ten years later, he returns to Ridgewood Valley as a lawman and still loves her. Violet has always loved Travis and when he returns from serving in the U.S. Cavalry, her love grows. Because she’s a preacher’s daughter, and he has less than stellar reputation while in the cavalry, he doesn’t feel worthy of Violet’s love and tries to avoid her. A few days before Thanksgiving, while he is away on a man hunt, Violet is shot during an attempted robbery of the church’s offerings. When Travis returns to town learns of Violet’s injuries, he realizes he can’t live without her. Will this Thanksgiving Day be one of great blessings for these two hearts? AMAZON


Sewing is the only household skill Jessica Foster has mastered. She spent her time competing to be the best in everything else from fishing to spelling bees to math contests. Now at age 23, she wants to impress the man she loves, Sheriff Brady Cantrell, and enters the Summer Festival cooking contest.

Brady has always had a special place in his heart for Jessica but she’s his best friend’s little sister, and his job as a sheriff is too dangerous for a married man. Although entering the contest will only cook up trouble for her, Jessica has never backed down from a challenge and plunges ahead with lessons.

With the snobbish women of Willow Creek criticizing Jessica’s involvement in the contest and with Brady, will Brady finally admit his love for Jessica and stand up for her?

Recipe included AMAZON


While Abby and her friends are practicing their sign language skills, they inadvertently overhear two men discussing a crime they are planning.

Once again Abigail Billings becomes involved in uncovering the scheme despite warnings from the local police, the FBI, and anonymous threats in the mail.

This time she may end up as the victim of a crime rather than the victor despite the efforts of her friends, Ben and Harry to protect her.

Join Abby and her friends as they seek to unravel a plot that is bigger than even they can imagine. AMAZON


When Abby’s friend, Ellie’s pearl earrings and necklace come up missing, Abby and Ben find themselves off on another sleuthing escapade with Harry, their retired detective friend. This time the whole population of Springhill Terrace is under suspicion, including all the employees. When the police arrest Maria, one of the assistants in the assisted living wing, Ben and Abby jump to her defense, positive she isn’t the thief. After proving her innocence, they set several traps to catch the thief, but each one fails. After Abby remembers another incident involving nursing home thefts, she comes up with a theory that leads the trio to a most unlikely and surprising answer. AMAZON


When a grounds-keeper is murdered in the flower bed beside her cottage at a retirement center, Abigail Billings decides she wants to know who did it. She enlists the help of a retired lawyer Ben Martin and retired police homicide detective Harry Spenser as her partners in solving the crime. Clues pop up in the strangest places and helpful information comes from most unlikely sources. With their quirky friends at the center, the three Spring Hill sleuths lead the reader on a merry chase to solve the crime before the police can catch the culprit. AMAZON


Leaving her father’s thriving medical practice in Indiana, Elizabeth Carlisle arrives in Cactus Creek, Texas ready to take her place as the town doctor out from under her father’s reputation. The town’s warm reception and acceptance builds her confidence, but the attention of Deputy Sheriff Garrett Lofton threatens to undermine her determination to be independent. Confirmed bachelor Garrett finds himself attracted to Libby, and despite his efforts, can’t get past the walls around Libby’s heart. As his attraction grows, her fear of a relationship creates a rift he must cross over to convince Libby of his love and support of her both as the woman he loves and the doctor the town needs. AMAZON


Laura and Howard are back together after twenty-five years to plan a reunion for their high school class. Laura, a widow, looks forward to working with her old friend and secretary of the class, Sue Harris, but will she be able to work with Howard, the class president, and not be affected by their relationship from high school? Howard loved Laura their senior year, but her rejection of him, buried deep all these years, threatens to resurface as they work together. Will the ashes of teen-age love find a spark to reignite the flames of love in the autumn years of their life? AMAZON


Allie Logan promised her mother to take care of the family after her death, and she’s kept that promise for over five years, but now Jarrod Wright comes into her life and threatens that promise. When she learns her of her father’s attempts to arrange a marriage between her and Jarrod by offering him land, she shuts herself off from Jarrod only to find he’s already lassoed her heart. But how can she forgive her father for offering to pay a man to marry her and Jarrod for accepting the offer? AMAZON


All little girls love playing princess, and while watching princess movies with her nieces, Brianna Newcomb dreams of her own Prince Charming sweeping her off her feet. When she meets Damien Penland, sparks ignite and love blooms until she learns he is a real prince from a small country in Europe. When their relationship hits the news and social media, he is ordered home, and Brie expects to never see him again. However, a little bit of scheming by Damien’s American grandmother brings them back together in his homeland. Will their love flare up again and brighten their lives even as the fireworks light up the night in a special celebration for his grandmother, the Queen? AMAZON


Kylee is the youngest of the Danner clan and drops out of college to barrel race full-time and spend more time with her rodeo sweetheart, Jesse Martin. Connor Morris, known as Jesse Martin on the rodeo circuit, is in love with Kylee, but he is keeping his true identity from her for now. When her brothers discover Jesse Martin is an ex-con on parole, they jump in and decide Kylee must break off the relationship. Kylee can’t believe Jesse is what they say, but when he doesn’t show up at the rodeo where they’re both competing, she grows suspicious. When the truth of his identity as Connor Morris is revealed in a news item on television, it is even more shocking to Kylee. His retired movie queen mother has had a heart attack and is at a hospital in Denver. He is shown there with a woman claiming to be his fiancée, and she calls him Connor Morris, son of Hal Morris, who was running for U.S. Senator from Colorado. Jesse must now not only gain back Kylee’s love and trust, he must also convince her father and brothers that he loves Kylee and the TV story was a big mix-up. AMAZON


Wealthy socialite Florence Middleton admired Joel Fowler when she was a senior student at Oak Dale Bible College and
he was a teaching assistant. Now that he’s a full professor and she’s worked with him for several years on various projects for the college, she has fallen in love with him. Joe loves her, but her wealth and standing in the community keep him from declaring that love. When they work together at the orphanage to present a children’s Christmas play, they grow closer, but
Joel squelches his feelings for her.

Will the magic of the Christmas season and the children’s play be the spark that nurtures the seeds of their love and brings them to full bloom at Christmas? AMAZON


Russ Fleming shows up at the Lodge where Kaitlyn Bronson is event planner, and her world shatters with the memory of his rejection seven years earlier. When he seeks her forgiveness and tries to explain, she rejects him. Even though she still loves him, she can’t forget how he left to join a ski team with no explanation. Even after he reveals his past and the reason for his abrupt departure, the forgiveness doesn’t come. Kaitlyn’s conflicted feelings wreak havoc in her soul until she sees the truth behind her own attitude and takes the path to the top of the hill where she can conquer her fears. AMAZON


Carly Watson’s heart is bruised and hurting after her abusive husband dies in a car accident. Back home in Valley Springs, she hides her past, but her best friend, Drew Beckham senses something is wrong. He’s known her too long not to see it. As Carly comes to grips with the past five years, Drew is there to give the support and encouragement. She begins to see in him the decent, Christian man her deceased husband never was. There has been no other love in Drew’s life, and he patiently waits for her to heal and come to terms with her past. Carly’s fear of rejection may keep her from the new love God has placed in her life. When she finally comes to terms with the pain of her marriage, will she then turn to Drew and see the love her best friend has always carried for her? AMAZON


Laurel has a tragic past and the rejections of men who can’t see beyond her scars keep her from opening up to others and the scars well covered. The first time Trent sees her, he is smitten with her beauty and her delicious candy. When she goes to St. Louis to open her candy booth at the fair, Trent seizes the opportunity to learn more about her. He sees beyond the scars to the intelligent and talented business woman she is, but can she open her heart to find a love stronger and deeper than any physical scars. AMAZON


When Neal visits Lindsey’s dog bakery, Biscuits and Bones, he’s wary of her large dog Max around his mother’s Yorkie, Daisy, but as the two dogs make friends, Neal makes friends with Lindsey. Then the exploits of his past and Max’s mistrust threaten to ruin any ground he gains with her. The only way to win the heart of Lindsey is a confession of his past and approval of Max, but will the dog trust Neal enough to let him near Lindsey, and will Lindsey forgive Neal for his mistakes? AMAZON


After her grandmother’s death in England, Rosemary Beckett is left with only a house and no means of support. An old friend of her deceased father offers her a position in America as governess to his grandchildren. He pays her passage, and Rosemary embarks on the journey. When they enter the New York Harbor, she meets a charming young man who catches her interest, but because he’s a first class passenger, she flees and leaves the ship without revealing her identity. Alexander Cartwright is fascinated by the young woman he met, but with no idea who she is, he only dreams of finding her again. When he discovers she’s the new governess to his brother’s children, he believes it’s God’s answer to his prayers and seeks to know her better. Rosemary locks her heart and determines not to be influenced by the handsome Alex. He determines to break the lock and set her heart free, but will he succeed? AMAZON



Lilly and Landon have known each other since they were pre-teens, but love has been a secret held in their hearts. He plans a special Valentine’s Day for her as it is also her birthday. However, Hudson Barnes, the new man in town may be the one to derail all of Landon’s secret preparations. Valentine’s Day will either be the end of ten years of procrastination or be the penalty for not declaring his love before now. AMAZON


After her husband’s execution as a thief and murderer, Luisa Banning moves with her children to Texas and the safety of her parents’ home. On the train she meets Erik Swenson, the new doctor in town. Coming out of an abusive relationship, Luisa is reluctant to trust any man with her heart, but as Erik continues to interact with her children and her family, she begins to see that God may have had a divine plan for her life all along. When her six-year-old son breaks his arm, Erik’s tender care for him touches Luisa’s heart, but will it open the door of her heart enough to trust him with her future? AMAZON


When Chelsea and Ryan accompany the youth from their church on a mission trip to Wyoming, they find more than the beauty of Yellowstone Park and Jackson Hole. As they work with the teenagers in serving a church in Sheridan, they grow to care about each other, but the ghosts of their pasts threaten the future. A mission to serve the Lord becomes a mission to find love in the midst of past heartache and disappointment. AMAZON



Kaci Spears plans to spend a fun Christmas holiday with her parents at a dude ranch in Texas, but one of the cowboys on the ranch is Chase Harper, the man to whom she was engaged in college, but broke it off because she didn’t want to live anywhere but in the city. When her career is suddenly over, and an ice storm leaves the ranch isolated with no way to leave, will she find ranch life is more than she had imagined and find love with Chase once again? AMAZON


With his family’s disgrace hanging over his head, Collin Frazier seeks to renew his lost love, but Rose Anne Billings wants an explanation as to why he left her so many years ago without a word of good-bye. Family secrets and an unforgiving heart threaten to tear them apart once again. Will the seeds of forgiveness planted in Collin bear fruit and lead to understanding and forgiveness from those in his past? AMAZON




Leah Murphy, the mayor’s daughter and would be suffragette, is met with frustration in her attempts to involve the ladies of Canfield, Texas by one Carson Bannister, the local newspaper editor and her long time friend. As she plans the Christmas Masquerade Ball, Carson is making plans of his own for a masquerade to fool Leah into believing he’s a stranger in town. The scheme works as Leah doesn’t recognize him, but she becomes intent on finding the pirate who charmed her. Carson realizes that revealing his true identity on Christmas Eve as he intends to do may backfire and end any hopes of winning Leah’s love. AMAZON


When Lance Weston finds himself the sole guardian of his niece and nephew, his first impulse is to run as fast as his horse will take him back to his wild old days of wine, women, and gambling. Melissa Donavan, the preacher’s daughter, doesn’t see how he’ll ever manage to take care of the children. With a lot of prayer and help from her mother and friends at church, she sets out to tame his wild heart. With two lively children and the preacher’s daughter, will Lance take one last gamble on the love of family. AMAZON


To escape men only interested in her inheritance, Emma Weatherby flees Chicago for Texas disguised as her grandmother’s lady’s maid. Preston Morton, a cowboy on her uncle’s ranch, sees her as a loving Christian girl and falls in love. When her secret is revealed, will Preston forgive the deceit and allow their love to be fulfilled, or will he let her escape back to Chicago? AMAZON



Kelly Morgan looks forward to her marriage to Darrell, but something isn’t right and her childhood friend, Tyler, sees it. When a domineering soon to be mother-in-law takes over, changes honeymoon plans and dashes all hopes of Kelly decorating her own home, she falls apart and runs away from the ceremony. Who will be there to pick up the pieces of her shattered life and bring her home? AMAZON





Evils from the past threaten to destroy the future.

After the deaths of her adopted parents, Claire Dennison begins a search with only faded photographs and a few trinkets to guide her to find the mother and sister she never knew. Although her lawyer warns her of danger in pursuing her quest, Claire enlists the help of her friend, Grant Warren. The FBI is involved with seeking evidence against her father and his part in the death of his wife, Claire’s birth mother. He’s on the hunt for his daughters, but Claire’s older sister wants to prevent that and keep Claire safe from their father because both girls are in danger for their lives. Who will find whom first? AMAZON


Mikayla Pruitt returns home to help her mother with settling her father’s estate and organizing their year-round Christmas store in Mistletoe, Oklahoma. She finds herself embroiled not only in a battle to keep the town as it is with all its quaintness and charm, but also one for her heart between a long time friend and her current love interest in Tulsa. She must make a decision that will affect not only her mother, but also her own future and that of the town. AMAZON