Marlene Worrall


Marlene is an actor/speaker, voice-over artist, screenwriter and novelist.
She adapted Angel in Shining Armor for the screen, along with 3 other screenplays.
Read the Sagebrush ranch series. The romantic adventure takes you from Kentucky horse racing to Palm Beach and the Cayman Islands. Follow her on Amazon


  Nineteen year-old Ayita High-Eagle is devastated from a lifetime of abuse at the hands of her alcoholic and promiscuous Mom. Life on the Cherokee Indian Reservation in Washington has become unbearable. Ayita’s carefully staged suicide attempt is thwarted and the supernatural appearance of an angel becomes the harbinger for a new and glorious life, beginning with moving onto the Circle K Ranch with best friend, Marjoi Peterson and her family. A moment of destiny causes the irresistibly debonair but cynical Valdez Lopez to become stranded at the ranch during a crippling blizzard. Sparks fly between them, but will her burning desire to become a Nashville recording artist thwart their blossoming romance? Can Ayita become the catalyst pointing the way to a spiritual awakening for him-despite his objections? Read this poignant story of love, forgiveness and challenging issues that must be resolved before Ayita can commit to “Love, Honor and Obey…”

“Ms. Worrall creates a solidly-crafted real-life romantic adventure based on biblical principles. The characters are artfully woven and the story line draws you in. Marlene brings in a great deal of life adventure while illustrating how one can live a righteous life in whatever setting one finds oneself. I did not want to put the book down! Excellent read.” Debra A. Newell, B.S., M.S, Phd. Author, Creative Director and Editor: A Strand of Pearls AMAZON


  When Dana Lockhart’s brother Stefan is killed performing a show jump, Dana walks away from her career as a show jumper. Opening a real estate office specializing in horse farms in Bluegrass country, she meets handsome gentleman farmer, Graham Van Rensellier, and his two sons, Will and Jay.
Graham’s beloved wife Myrna has gone on to Glory. Heartbroken, he moves from Houston to Kentucky, leaving behind his painful memories, hoping to forge a new life for him and his two young sons. Certain he will never love another woman the way he loved Myrna, he is thrown for a loop when he meets the gorgeous, charming Dana Lockhart, but he’d promised Myrna, despite her protestations, that there would never be another woman for him.
Dana is powerfully drawn to the aristocratic Graham, but she’s not available. When she finds him the perfect horse farm, she doesn’t know that due to unlikely circumstances, she must move onto the farm and live in his guest house, bringing her thoroughbreds with her.

They embark on a mission to train a colt to win the Derby. Dana resumes her career as an equestrian. But after the theft of their precious colt, they hire a P.I. and embark on a mission to find the stolen colt and bring the thief to justice. Will they get their colt back in time to finish training him so he can win the Derby? Will Dana and Graham admit their love for each other before it is too late?  AMAZON


  Dana and Graham continue in their relentless pursuit to win the Kentucky Derby. Flaming Bullet, their previous colt was tampered with before the Derby, causing his run to be aborted. Now, they suspect foul play with their new colt. With sinister forces impacting their quest to train a colt to win the Derby, they nevertheless, continue their pursuit.

When Dana is kidnapped, Graham suspects Danielle her step-mom is involved. Graham must raise three million for her release; after duping the kidnappers with fake money. He is forced to refinance Sugarbush and call in favors to raise the cash.
Danielle is obsessed with wresting Graham away from Dana. Her sinister, bizarre plan takes an unlikely twist when she winds up in a psyche ward. A gifted amateur actress, Danielle convincingly fakes a nervous breakdown, complete with the onslaught of multiple personalities she insists are controlling her.
Dana and Graham buy a new colt. If they work at fever pitch, and all goes well, they will have the colt ready to compete for the roses in May and hopefully win. However, in the demanding, competitive, sinister world of horse racing, invisible enemies taunt them at every turn. Was their new colt poisoned just minutes after they bought him? They’d granted the owner his sentimental farewell to the colt. In their excitement, they had not considered that the colt would be vulnerable to foul play, since he was momentarily out of their sight. Is the damage inflicted on the colt serious? Or is he a potential winner?
Danielle is wiped out when she marries a con artist. She determines to not only make a comeback but also take another crack at Graham. She masterminds a wicked and bizarre plan to get rid of Dana, since her miraculous escape from kidnappers has given Dana back her freedom. Will Dana and Graham figure out her diabolical plot before it is too late?

When Graham hires a P.I. to check Danielle’s past, it is discovered that she has spent time in prison. He determines to extricate Danielle from their lives. But Danielle has more than one creative trick up her sleeve. Will Dana and Graham figure out Danielle’s sinister plot to destroy Dana in time?

Read the conclusion to this unique, dramatic life set in Kentucky’s Bluegrass country as it unfolds, revealing their glorious, burgeoning relationship brimming with God’s amazing surprises and their growing love and mutual gifting.
Walk with them through the challenges of their relationship, made more complex, with Danielle’s bizarre obsession to attract Graham and win his love.

Find out how the challenge of winning the purse finally brings them to a breaking point. Obsessed with the goal of winning the Kentucky Derby, they must overcome a myriad of obstacles, not the least of which, is the poisoning of their new colt.
Still, they cannot be deterred from pursuing their God-given dream of winning the Kentucky Derby.

Danielle’s evil plans and motives fueled by her all-consuming jealousy toward Dana will finally be discovered before it is too late.

What lessons do they need to learn and pass on from their relentless pursuit of winning the coveted Kentucky Derby? How can they stay focused on their mission and goal while the wicked Danielle is determined to interfere in their lives causing trauma and conflict

Discover the strange and exciting events and “coincidental” occurrences in the story as we head toward the remarkable conclusion of their story.  AMAZON


  Dana and Graham Van Rensellier are determined that their colt Firelight Fancy will win the Kentucky Derby. But when Dana becomes pregnant with male twins only a couple months before the big day, Graham wonders if she can keep up the gruelling training schedule.

Determined to win, despite morning sickness and other obstacles, she and Jacob Perez, her jockey, continue their gruelling schedule starting in the wee hours of the morning daily at the track.

Graham, born into wealth and privilege, grew up in Houston. Embedded since childhood, is the mandate to be philanthropic. Despite his own financial woes, he is committed to donating the million-dollar purse to Israel’s poor, if they win.

Talia Stein is the daughter of Israeli diplomat Louis Stein. She’s grown up in Tel Aviv with governesses since her mother’s passing when she was five. Lou, a widow, travels frequently, causing him to seek a safe haven for his only beloved child. Further, he desires that she be educated in America. She meets Dana and Graham, instantly bonding with Dana. Soon, they become inseparable. Dana wants her to move onto the farm. Graham won’t hear of it.

Will this bitter conflict destroy their marriage? How can this issue be resolved? Read the bizarre adventures of Danielle, Dana’s Step- mom, as she flits around the globe, unable to shake the demons from her shady past. Just when she thinks she’s found a safe haven, her pursuer shows up threatening her. Maybe it’s time to move on.

Headstrong, Dana is determined to have Talia remain at Sugarbush. Beset with financial woes, at the end of his rope, Graham threatens divorce if Dana disobeys him. As Step Mom to Graham’s two sons, Will and Jay; and pregnant with male twins, she dreams of having a daughter. Beyond that, she has a special, undeniable connection with the remarkable Talia. Graham has kept his financial woes a secret from Dana, not wanting to burden her during the training of Firelight Fancy. Will he find the courage to share this burden with her? Will they lose Sugarbush? They’ve reached an impasse. Can this crisis be resolved?

Dana’s step-mom, Danielle, has escaped from prison and is on the run. Using an alias, she travels from Mexico to Florida and the Cayman Islands in an attempt to lose her pursuer. Will her past catch up with her? Or can she embark on a new life?
From fund-raising for charities in Palm Beach’s high society circles, to the exotic Cayman Islands, Danielle is determined to live life to the fullest. Will she find her dream man and ride off into the sunset?

Incarcerated at a correctional institution for conspiracy to kidnap Dana, her step-daughter, she manages to escape. Is there a way to heal their muddled past and move on to love, reconciliation and triumphant living? Despite her brutal betrayal, she longs to reunite with her daughter. Graham has forbidden Dana to contact Danielle or see her.

Read about Danielle’s riveting adventures, as she charts brave and treacherous water while running from her pursuer. Brave and bold, she is determined to live life to the fullest. When she receives a presidential pardon from sitting president, Donald Trump, for unprecedented sums of monies raised for charity, she hopes it will be clear sailing ahead. But tropical storms have been known to rise unexpectedly mirroring the turbulence threatening to throw her off course and on the run again.
Graham returns to Sugarbush following meetings with his Dad in Houston, to find Dana and Talia gone. Can he get them back in time to save the marriage? How will he raise the millions he needs so the farm can flourish?

Read this story of adventure, love and betrayal. Just when everything seems impossible, God steps in and shows the miracles of His power. Be inspired to know that nothing is impossible with God.  AMAZON


  Suzie Allen returns home from Paris, cutting her art sabbatical short upon learning that her beloved Aunt Tally, with whom she shared the Bedford House mansion, has died under mysterious circumstances. Suzie suspects foul play.
Long-time, eccentric, live-in housekeeper Effie Clarke has fled, taking her meagre belongings with her.

Upon learning that two escapees are rumored to be in the vicinity, Suzie flees to the nearby lakeside hotel. A chance meeting at breakfast with art collector and ex Sheriff, Rory Clifton, sets her heart racing. He is quite simply, the most fascinating, charming, surprising man she’s ever encountered. Will the mutual sparks between them ignite into lasting love?

Ryan is determined to help her solve the mysterious happenings in the ancient mansion. He accompanies her to the Bedford House, determined to assuage her fears about the haunted mansion and the escaped prisoners. Instead, they find themselves in the middle of the action. AMAZON


  When Tiffany Vandermeer’s adoptive parents’ Cessna 52 crashes on Christmas Eve morning, she is devastated. Shocked, she wanders around the Big Apple discovering a discarded infant. This find leads her into the arms of handsome pediatrician, Jason Prescott. The chemistry between them is palpable. She doesn’t want to deceive him, but she’s bonded with the helpless baby and can’t bear to see him placed in an orphanage the way she’d been. Will her deceit destroy their budding romance? Read this story of deceit, forgiveness and triumphant love, as Jason, a man of unusual faith shows her how He can use the baby discovery and her loss to catapult her into a new level of faith and a glorious future with him. Will God and his miraculous timing allow her to retrieve the baby if she relinquishes him to authorities? AMAZON