Marina J. Bromley


  Marina Bromley has always wanted to be a wife and mother. Married to Mark for over 30 years, they’ve raised their family of 3 and now have 10 grandkids to make memories with. In the past 10 years they’ve moved 8 times, where she’s loved making each house a home and treasures the friendships that have grown in their front yards. She continues to write at Marina’s Kitchen Table, The Workaholic’s Wife, and Women Helping in Missions, where she shares what it’s like to be a Parent of a Missionary (POM). You can find her photography featured at Meeting in the Meadow, where she serves as the VA and Social Media Manager for Roy Lessin.

In her spare time you can find her taking photographs, bird watching, or enjoying the gardens around her home. She loves gardening, home DIY, reading, quilting, painting and crafting, and keeping up with family and friends that live and work around the globe. She and Mark are avid dinnertime backgammon players, and they can’t wait to teach all their grandkids how to play.

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  “You can learn from my mistakes, and it won’t cost you a thing!” is one of Marina Bromley’s favorite quotes. Over the years she’s had time to reflect on her life lessons and the grace-filled ways God has turned them into blessings. This book is based on what she’s learned through those mistakes, much as she’s shared around her Kitchen Table online and in person over the past 35 years. If you’ve longed to have an older friend, someone who won’t gloss over the mistakes she’s made and will own up to the realities of life, then this book is for you! Take this 30-day journey of scripture focus and practical life application and reflection in Morning Meditations at Marina’s Kitchen Table. AMAZON