Lissa Niederer


  Lissa Marie Niederer has lived in Maine since she was four years old and has loved “writing” just as long. She holds a BFA in Creative Writing from the University of Maine at Farmington, where she focused on fiction and education. After graduating, Lissa went to work for a number of youth-serving nonprofit organizations, primarily in programming, marketing, and grant writing. In 2020, after deciding to take her work home to focus on writing, she also opened a licensed home bakery called One Smart Cookie, which specializes in custom sugar cookies. She loves the connections the bakery allows her to make with the community. It’s all about the stories.

Lissa lives with her husband/high school sweetheart/biggest fan, their three (almost four) children, and a feisty guinea pig. She loves God, strong coffee, dark chocolate, puzzles, taking photos, and being outdoors. She’s afraid of ostriches, and can’t smell skunks. In case you were wondering.

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Charlie Malone, a widowed young mother, is searching for a fresh start for her little family of two. A move to the small lighthouse town of South Point, Maine, should be just what they need, but doors don’t seem to be opening the way Charlie hoped they would, and the dark stranger lurking nearby is making her wonder if South Point is really as nice a town as it seems.

Francis Ouellette is nursing a broken heart of her own, and for the first time in her seventy-two years, God feels impossibly far away. Grief is an uncrossable chasm between Frannie and her husband, and a young newcomer to South Point seems intent on making things worse. Will Francis find healing before her suffering causes her to lose what is left of her fractured marriage?

Jenna Lachance has led a quiet life of faith while caring for her elderly grandmother, who is losing a battle to Alzheimer’s. Jenna knows the meaning of loyalty and sacrifice, but she is about to realize how imperative it is to reach out past the tiny box she’s lived in and ask for help.

Three women with separate stories of loss are about to find out what happens when they put their judgements aside and reach out to one another. Are the healing promises of God for real, or are the dark shadows of each woman’s past too heavy a burden to bear?  AMAZON