Laurie Boulden

Laurie Boulden was born in Philadelphia, grew up in Oklahoma, and now resides in Florida. She is an educator and a writer. Writing has been her passion since childhood, so the opportunity to publish is thrilling. Her family consists of her dog, Sandy, and two cats. Will there be a third cat? Or a puppy in the future some time? Maybe so.
Writing for now is Christian Romance. She believes a good story is food for the soul.
Her favorite quote is “Not all those who wander are lost”. She loves to wander.


How well can a watch tell time?

Herbert Groat has fixed all sorts of watches, but this? A watch that doesn’t just tell time, it goes back in time. In the nick of time. Evelin Barclay is an associate at Wanamaker’s in Philadelphia. She doesn’t know she’s about to be brutally murdered. Can Herbert set aside fear and disbelief to save her? Or will it be her time to die?

Evelin Barclay helps people shop responsibly at Wanamaker’s in Philadelphia. War is over. Maybe she can think about the future. Herbert Groat makes her think about the future, except its in 2018, seventy years away. But he’s not the only crazy in her life. Mob boss Joe Ida is after her father, and if he can’t get the answers he seeks, he’ll kill everyone in his way, including Evelin. She’ll have to trust Herbert if this isn’t going to be her time to die. AMAZON


Small town St. Ives, Minnesota has space for one bakery, and baker Millie Cooke wants to be sure Baxter Dane knows cookies and cocoa at the bookstore is not happening. A harmless prank should do the trick, but he gives as good as he gets. Can they overcome their differences to save the bakery? Christmas is in the air, perfect time for some miracles. AMAZON


  The story of Rahab comes to us through Joshua. Forty years of wandering have brought the children of Israel to their Promised Land, now controlled by the peoples of Canaan. This remarkable story tells of Jewish spies and their unexpected saving. There is a call and a reason to answer. Through it all, the hand of God moves not only nations to war, but individuals to great risks and greater rewards.

My name is Rahab. I am a woman of Canaan. I do not belong in the lineage of the greatest love story, and yet, I am here. Kings have come through me. My people would look in wonder or scorn. It matters not for they are no more. Rahabek is a strong name. I took it to myself and carried my head high. Now it has come down through the ages, the story of a whore who betrayed her people. But I do not think they were my people. The One who called from across the Jordan said I am His. He is mine. As such, His people have become my people. My haughty head I now bow low, for I am redeemed in love and joy.
Listen to my story. Decide for yourself. It is no easy thing to fall into the hands of a fearful God without a willing heart.   AMAZON


  Jericho is ready for battle. Thick walls. armored soldiers. But their defenses are nothing to what the Lord can do. God used one woman within Jericho as part of His grand plan.

Jewel of Jericho is a fictional retelling of what happens in Jericho when God leads His people to reclaim their homeland. It is a grand story made personal through Rahab and the spies. God uses individuals to accomplish great deeds. Journeying the Walls of Jericho is a devotional companion to the novel. What can we take from the events of the story and apply in our own lives? We are all jewels of God’s kingdom.

Journeying the Walls of Jericho include

  • Scripture- The story of Rahab and the fall of Jericho is told in the Book of Joshua. That is not the only place Rahab is mentioned. Her name is in the lineage of Jesus Christ as well as Hebrews 11. Read and be inspired by God’s works.
  • Devotion- Each of the seven days of journeying around the city of Jericho offers insight into our walk with God today.
  • Discussion- As we ponder and consider the workings of God, He provides insight and opportunity to apply. Get with a friend or a small study group and dive deeper.  AMAZON



As an undercover officer, Kathryn Brussel is used to lies, deception, and finding what’s been hidden. When her sister goes missing, Kathryn seeks help. Sparks fly with Sergeant Marshall Franklin. She doesn’t trust him, but he may be the only one who can protect all of them from killer jewel thieves. To win, they must find the hidden gems and escape the traps set against them.

Get caught up in the fast-paced thrilling chase. The stakes are high, romance is sparking, and the twists keep everyone guessing. AMAZON