Laura Simon


  Laura Simon is a wife, mother, mentor, teacher, speaker, and author who sheds light on what it truly means to live a transparent life that honors Christ, while staying true to oneself. Having experienced firsthand the societal pressures of being a pastor’s wife, she speaks with an honesty and transparency that breaks boundaries both in the literary and societal world. A non-traditional rebel, Laura shares her life with others by living up to her hashtag: real, raw, relevant, and refined.

Lady Laura, as she’s affectionately known, serves as an inspiration to women. She continues to show her dedication and support of other women by hosting fun events just for girlfriends: tea luncheons, big girl slumber parties, Sassy Sister-Girl Saturdays, and Late Night Lattes with Lady Laura. Purpose, passion, and perseverance are her words to live by and she hopes to instill such values into all women while remaining transparent and true to herself. With the upcoming release of her non-fiction book, Laura hopes to help throw away the “Preacher Wife-Life Mask” in which one feels it necessary to hide behind an illusion of perfection rather than talk about the real-life experiences behind the scenes.

She lives in Orange County, California with her Pastor-Man Hubby, four children, Kennedy, twins Sagel & Sydni, not so Baby-Boy Jonathan, and newly adopted Squirtle & Squirt, baby miniature turtles. Covenant City is the church they shepherd.

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Did She Say That Out Loud? is a refreshingly transparent look into the life of a Pastor’s Wife. Laura Simon finally says out loud all the real, raw, and relevant issues and challenges facing women who find themselves married to the Pastor-Preacher-Man-of-God.

Who knew being a pastor’s wife would be the equivalent of living in the Twilight Zone?

Laura’s down to earth banter and humor will keep a smile on your face as she honestly talks about the life and times of PW’s.

As she likes to say, “You can’t make this stuff up!”

Pastor-Minister-Leader Wives need a safe place to reflect on the challenges they so often face, as well as somewhere to indulge and enjoy some much-needed laughter. Did She Say That Out Loud? delivers just that. AMAZON