Justina Prima


Justina Prima is a registered nurse living in Maine with her
husband. She has written and edited articles for church
publications. Her first novel is of a life’s lesson, The Pawnbroker’s Ring, to share
the need for a strong faith to overcome our human weaknesses. Look for her next book, Tunnels: The White House, just out!

A Stolen Artifact…

A Man on a Mission…

The Indian Removal Act of 1830 forced the relocation of Georgia’s Cherokee Nation to its new home in Oklahoma. Any treaties made prior to 1830, allowing the Cherokee to continue to live in Georgia, were broken. Mohe had learned of the Trail of Tears from his grandfather. This trek took thousands of lives, but their bravery held fast.

Now Mohe is intent on retrieving the Peace Pipe, which was used to cement the Tribe’s future in Georgia. The first step was completed. He had been accepted as a waiter for the President of the United States. Once there, his next move would be to search for a tunnel leading to the Smithsonian and reclaim the Peace Pipe.

However, Mohe had not planned to make friends, be attracted to the beautiful housekeeper or suffer disturbing dreams from his Spirit Guide.

With so many diversions, will Mohe succeed in returning the Peace Pipe to his people? AMAZON