June Whatley

June Whatley has taught first through third grades in a Christian school; she has also taught Middle Graders in two different Christian schools; and has taught Study Skills in the Remedial Developmental Department of the third largest college in Tennessee.

Mrs. Whatley holds a combination Master of Arts degree in Counseling and Education from Regent University in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

June is a wife, mother and grandmother of four of the greatest Grands in history.

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  What do three siblings, a talking dove, a dragon, and a King have in common?

They create a life-changing experience for an angry twelve-year-old named Ashton, his ten-year-old sister Shayla, and their thirteen-year-old brother Mican. Join them on an adventure from failing to follow instructions, which leads them into danger, to learning to joyfully serve the King of Kings.  AMAZON


 What do three siblings, a talking dove, giants and Time Travel have in common?

Join fifteen-year-old Mican, fourteen-year-old Ashton, and their twelve-year-old sister Shayla in a life-changing experience when they attend an Archeological Summer Camp in New Mexico. There they begin their Time Travel Adventure by skimming across the clouds to various locations in history, including seeing the bones of fallen giants, running for their lives from Noah’s Flood, hiding from live giants and dodging warring factions. AMAZON

What do three teenagers, a secret underground base and a kidnapped engineer have in common?

As if a flu pandemic weren’t enough to deal with, fifteen-year-old Ashton, sixteen-year-old Mican, and thirteen-year-old Shayla are forced to move when their mother learns the family might be in danger because of their father’s former work, but after they move into a lovely new home, Ashton is tormented at night by a strange sound coming from under his floor.

In an attempt to find the source of the noise, the siblings stumble upon a secret underground base and a man being held hostage.

Do they attempt to rescue him or do they hesitate and risk the man being executed? They have one hour to decide. AMAZON