Julie Brown


Julie Brown writes from her back porch in Missouri where the hummingbirds fly, the coffee is sweet, and friends are welcomed. She has a degree in Criminal Justice and has worked with juvenile offenders, teens in crisis, and in a prison facility. She currently serves in the student ministry at her church where she is considered a “Mom” to many teenagers. Julie has published an inspirational book titled “EVEN WHEN: God’s promises are still true” about her journey through grief and loss.

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Grief and loss…topics no one wants to talk about and yet, there they are in front of you.

Checking the widow box was never in your plans. You may be angry…you may just be… nothing. Or the pain may be too great for words. Maybe its not the loss of a loved one; maybe it’s the loss of a dream or a job or your expectations of what should have been.

God’s promises are still true EVEN WHEN you are broken-hearted, heavy-burdened, bone-weary. He’s there through every circumstance and every situation. God is your Provider, your Protector, and your Planner as His Word says in Psalm 23. AMAZON