Joi Copeland

  Joi Copeland is married to a wonderful man, Chris, and has three amazing boys, Garrison, Gage, and Gavin. She lives in Denver, Colorado, but within the year, hopes to be living in Galway, Ireland.

Joi’s love of writing began at a young age. She wrote short stories for several years, and in 2009, she began writing her first novel, Hope for Tomorrow.

Moving to Ireland just may be her saving grace, or her complete ruin.
Falling for the American may be his undoing, or he may find everything he ever longed for.

Angel McCarthy leaves her home in Colorado to help her grandmother in Galway, Ireland. After a trying year, she looks ahead, doing everything in her power to protect Nan’s interests. When she meets an Irishman working on Nan’s farm, Angel struggles to believe his motives are pure. But attraction sparks between them, with warning bells going off left and right.

Sean O’Neil is not one to believe in love at first sight, but when he sees Angel McCarthy for the first time, he instantly loses his heart. The spunky American holds him at arm’s length, trying his patience and making him doubt his heart. Just as love starts to bloom, everything comes crashing down, leaving him confused and frustrated.
Will Angel and Sean find their way to a happy ending, or will they call it quits before love ever has a chance? AMAZON


  He wants healing after losing his father.
She wants to find a love that will last.

Finland Murphy returns home just in time to say goodbye to his father. His dad drops a bombshell on him and his sisters in his trust, saying they must invest a certain amount of their inheritance back into the town in which they live. Fin is torn and has no idea how to go about accomplishing this. He discovers a few worthy stores in his hometown of Pine Tree, Colorado. Then he meets the owner of Jingle Bell Square, and his whole world turns upside down.

Teagan Bell reconnects with Finland Murphy, a childhood acquaintance from over a dozen years ago. His witty conversation and fun personality draw her in, but when she discovers a secret, can she trust him with her heart? AMAZON


  The pandemic changes everything.

Roark Malone understands the government measures for Ireland, but they don’t stop him from being lonely. Thankful his parents are nearby, he does all he can to keep them safe from contracting the horrible disease spreading across the world and his beloved Ireland. But it’s not enough, and he loses everything. Until he meets her…
The only thing keeping Aine Donoghue sane during lockdown is her dog, River. When the restrictions ease, River takes Aine on a run. Her crazy dog wreaks havoc and endangers Aine’s very life but forces her to meet the man of her dreams…
Will Roark and Aine make it through the pandemic and find love in the process? AMAZON


She longs for forgiveness and redemption.

He longs for a new start and reconciliation.

Autumn Johnson left her hometown of Denver, Colorado, and her husband ten years ago and moved to Grand Junction. She resumes her life of partying until tragedy strikes, bringing her to her knees. After giving her life to Jesus, she returns in hopes of reconciling. When she accepts a job at the same radio station as her husband, she finds herself questioning whether the decision to return was a good one.

Hal Johnson watched his wife drive out of his life a decade ago. When she begins working at KORE FM, he struggles to find where he belongs in her life. When the truth comes out about how she lived her life apart from him, he questions everything.

Can they find their way back to each other or will they let their past dictate their future? AMAZON 


  She longs for love and family.

He longs for love and acceptance.

After being single for more than three years and over the age of thirty, Summer Goode gave up hope of having her own family. Resigning to being an aunt to her friends’ children, she pushes aside her aching heart. When her friend at KORE FM radio station suddenly goes on bed rest, she finds the replacement more than she bargained for.

Jeff Teagarden left Denver, Colorado, three years ago when his best friend, the woman he started to fall in love with, pushed him away without any explanation, and when he could no longer meet his father’s expectations. An unusual request from the owner of KORE FM radio station brings him face to face with the love he left behind. AMAZON


A misunderstanding drew them apart. Can forgiveness draw them together?

Holly Murphy’s life is going just fine until the day she lays eyes on Jayce Barton. A blast from her past she did not expect to see back in their hometown of Pine Tree, Colorado. Once she does, she cannot seem to get him out of her mind, let alone her life.

Jayce Barton returns to the only place he’s ever called home. While he longs to return, his heart cannot forget the only woman he’s ever loved or the hurt she caused him that led him to leave Pine Tree.

When their paths cross in the small town, they are forced to come to grips with the past and the pain. Will forgiveness and love prevail? AMAZON


  Jeb Watkins falls head over heals in love when a woman falls into his arms.

Zadie Burns leaves her home in Colorado to travel to Twin Bluffs, Wyoming, to help her aunt and uncle with their orphanage. She had no intention of falling for the Sheriff of Twin Bluffs, but as luck would have it, she does just that.

When an accident occurs, Zadie’s parents rush to Twin Bluffs to take matters into their own hands. Zadie doesn’t appreciate their efforts, but is she strong enough to stand up to them and live the life she feels she is supposed to live?

Will Jeb stand by and watch the woman he loves be trampled on by people who claim to have her best interest at heart or will he choose to have a stand-off like he’s never had before? AMAZON


  Belle longs to be rid of Jax Crawford, but the pesky man won’t leave her be. After forgiving him for breaking her heart and changing her life, must she be friends with him, too? If she does let him back in her life, will her heart be content with just friendship, or will she long for more?

Jax Crawford lost the love of his life years ago by making a promise to her parents. Every day since, he’s regretted his decision and wished he could go back and change what he did. He finally convinces her to be friends, but once she learns the truth, will she let go of their friendship? AMAZON


  Rayne Adams loves Christmas time. While shopping for a Christmas tree, she runs into a love from the past. With a possible new love forming on the horizon, will the past continue to haunt her or will she be able to let it go and move on? Or is there room in her heart for her former love?Justin Thomas made the biggest mistake of his life three years ago. Now, finding himself face to face with the one he hurt the most, can he regain her trust and her love? Or will he lose her to another? Find out in Christmas Rayne! AMAZON


Struggling to take care of his deaf son in a town with no resources, Ethan Knight’s at the end of his rope. When his son is kicked out of preschool, he feels he’s out of options and prays for a miracle. A newcomer to Snow Globe, Montana may be his answer to prayer, or is it the possibility of an old love?

London Meriwether leaves her home after the passing of her grandmother, the woman who raised her. She falls in love with Snow Globe, Montana. Right after arriving to the small town, she comes face to face with her learning what it means to truly forgive someone.

Can Ethan help London in her quest of forgiveness? Will London be the help Ethan needs for his deaf son? AMAZON


Pregnant and all alone, Prudence Donaldson leaves the Oregon Territory, where she buried her husband of three years. The only person she knows who will take her in is her sister, Patience Holloway, in Twin Bluffs, Wyoming.

While on the stagecoach, Prudence begins to experience labor pains. She forces the driver to push hard and get her to Twin Bluffs. Upon arriving, she discovers her sister is in Colorado. Now she’s stuck in a town where she knows no one.

Redmond McCoy, Twin Bluffs’ doctor for nearly three years, finds himself in a dilemma. Recognizing Patience Holloway’s twin sister, he’s forced to care for her while she’s on bedrest.

They find themselves bonded together in ways they hadn’t expected. Now faced with a choice, they can stay together or go their separate ways. AMAZON


He was looking for a bride.
She was looking to help her sister.

Cord Holloway is the town preacher, anxiously awaiting the arrival of the stagecoach carrying his bride-to-be. After over an hour, his gut tells him something ain’t right.

The Adams sisters are traveling to Twin Bluffs, Wyoming, in order for one to start a new life as a preacher’s wife. After the bride-to-be surprises her twin with shocking news, heartbreak is sure to follow. AMAZON


A turn of events leads two God-fearing Christians to join their lives, even though neither one of them expected to. Will they find love or will they go their separate ways?

He lives in fear.
She lives in a world of dance.

When their two worlds collide, will they have the faith to work through their differences, or will they be forced to go their separate ways?

Drew Erickson has a devastating loss. Six years later, he still has fears of the one thing he believes robbed him of joy. When his family decides to get involved, he is forced to face those fears.

Renee McCarthy mourned the loss of her parents by doing the one thing her heart desired: opening her own dance studio. When Faith and Hope enter her life, her world is changed forever. AMAZON

She’s hiding from love.

He’s hiding from God.

Still grieving the loss of the love of her life in a freak accident, Rose Wallace is determined not to admit she needs help on the apple farm, but God knows the truth. Still, she refuses to open her heart and risk getting it broken again.

Sterling Bertram leaves his hometown in search of a new way of life. He hopes to make a quick side trip to his childhood friend’s home, but his world is forever changed by what he finds. AMAZON

Camden Daye used to love Christmas. Six years ago, tragedy struck his family. Every year since then, he hangs on to the past and his role in the devastation that shook up the world of his loved ones. Can he be free of the self-imposed chains, or will they hold him in bondage?
Sunshine Rogers is being stalked. By whom, she has no idea and can’t understand why anyone would do it. Fear begins to take over her life as she constantly looking over her shoulder.
Will these two be able to help each other or will history repeat itself for Camden? Find out in Sunshine in Spring. AMAZON

 He was hunting for revenge.
She was fleeing from the past.

Austin Birch wanted one thing and one thing only: seek revenge on the man who stole everything from his family. No matter what it took, he would see it come to pass. When his plans go awry, he is forced to settle in Stoney Brook, Colorado.

Addison McClave only wanted to live her life in peace, away from the man who took everything from her. When their paths collide, Addison is forced to deal with her past and face the one who turned her world upside down. AMAZON


As Reece Vanderland rummages through her deceased parents’ belongings, she discovers a letter revealing her true identity. After confronting her grandmother, she goes on an adventure through the help of a tape, a quilt made by her birth mother that could possibly reveal where she came from, and the help of an Irish stranger.

Will Reece find her birth mom or will she discover love? AMAZON

Fall n Joy

Joy Parker’s life takes a turn when tragedy strikes and her entire family dies in a car accident. Spencer Fall’s at his wits end trying to take care of his father, his mom who has Alzheimers, and running a business. He needs help and fast.

Through a matchmaking scheme, Joy and Spencer are the answer to each other’s prayers. Joy can’t seem to move past the guilt or pain of losing her family. Spencer’s faced with the challenge of letting her go or walking through the healing process with her.

Walk through the struggles with Spencer and Joy in Fall n Joy. AMAZON

Hope drives her back home to Flagstaff, Arizona, until Zoey learns the truth.

His peaceful world shaken, Gawain battles with letting go of the pain that once held him captive.

Will they find healing or will they remain, Broken Together?

Zoey Fuller and Cadan Moss were friends in secret during high school in Flagstaff, Arizona. Too ashamed to admit her friendship with the heavy-set boy, she’d meet him at a coffee shop outside of town where no one would see them. She couldn’t risk her reputation by letting any of her cool friends know about her relationship with the heavy-set outsider. Seven years later, she returns to Flagstaff, a new creation in Christ, hoping to make amends with her long-lost friend.

Gawain Moss lost his twin and best friend seven years ago. The tragedy shaking him to the very core, Gawain battles with forgiving the woman who, he believes, took his brother away from him. Finally at peace, he teaches at the same school his brother once attended. And then one day, he runs into Zoey, and his world is turned upside down. AMAZON

When he met her, everything in his world of silence began to change.

Chance Carmichael’s accident two years ago not only shattered in his life, it shattered his faith. Tired of living with the pitying looks, he leaves his hometown in Virginia and ventures north. Anger and bitterness remain his constant companions until he stumbles across Shamrock Inn. Will he find the peace his soul desperately longs for?

Amanda Lin loves her life in Camden, Maine, and working at the Shamrock Inn. Her parents move to Denver, Colorado, leaving an empty space in her heart, and loneliness threatens to engulf her. Will she find the love her heart deeply desires or will she remain in a state of constant loneliness?  AMAZON

Angela Graham lost the love of her life when he left for Desert Storm and never came back. She never got over her broken heart. Will meeting the right man help heal her hurting heart?

Devin Miles returns to his hometown to take care of his ailing father’s estate. His father drops a bomb shell that threatens to tear his world apart. Will he be able to forgive or hold onto the anger that threatens to take over his life? AMAZON


Snoweflake Jacobson left Camden, Maine, and her secrets. Though guilt follows her wherever she goes, she pushes it down and ignores it. When her aunt passes away and leaves her a huge property, Snowe must return to Camden to not only figure out what todo with this house but also come face to face with her past. When the love of Tanner Graham’s life returns, he can only hope and pray God will rekindle the love they once shared. But when Snowe’s secrets are revealed, will Tanner find even his love has its limits? AMAZON


  Joy Parker’s life takes a turn when tragedy strikes and her entire family dies in a car accident. Spencer Fall’s at his wits end trying to take care of his father, his mom who has Alzheimers, and running a business. He needs help and fast.

Through a matchmaking scheme, Joy and Spencer are the answer to each other’s prayers. Joy can’t seem to move past the guilt or pain of losing her family. Spencer’s faced with the challenge of letting her go or walking through the healing process with her.

Walk through the struggles with Spencer and Joy in Fall n Joy. AMAZON


  Two men fighting for their country. Two women dealing with tragedy alone. Two stories, two eras, one common thread. Sophia Phillips, a wife and mom, finds herself missing the two most important people in her life. One ripped from her because of war, the other by death. Sophia’s grandmother, Lucia Snell, gives her an early inheritance: letters written to her by her husband while stationed in China during World War II. Lucia believes these letters will help her granddaughter heal from the heart-wrenching tragedy she faces. Will Sophia carry the anger, bitterness, and guilt within her or go to the only One who can heal her from the pain? Will she find the strength to carry on and the will to survive through her grandparents’ Letters of Love? AMAZON


  Tragedy can bring them together or tear them apart…..

Charity Watson lost her mother at an early age. Growing up in Boston with only her father, servants, and maid, Eliza, she learned how to take care of a house, cook, and clean. When tragedy strikes and she is left an orphan, she must flee the only home she’d ever known in order to save her own life and live with Eliza’s six sisters in Hope, Montana. Will she flee danger and be free to live life as she once knew or will danger catch up to her?

Rhett Lincoln loved Montana and everything his father left him on the biggest ranch in Hope, Montana. Upon returning home, he finds the one person he loves the most on the brink of death. His life turns upside down until he realizes his need for a wife. Will he find love in Hope, Montana? AMAZON