Joanie Ferree



  Savannah is a newlywed, enjoying life with her husband, when suddenly her world takes a shocking plunge. Savannah tries to escape through denial, becoming adept at hiding her pain. As her inner turmoil rages, she is given a chance for a new direction. Her love for the elderly presents an opportunity and the lovely 79-year-old Miss Mary comes into her life. Mary is a widow with heart problems, doctor appointments, and bored with what has become her life. From the moment they meet, Mary is taken with the young Savannah; something has sparked her interest. She correctly senses there is something Savannah prefers to keep hidden, and she sets about to uncover the mystery. This opens up a whole new connection between two unsettled women, as their laughter and tears endear themselves to one another. Through this beautiful friendship, Mary’s life takes on new meaning, and Savannah begins to discover herself, accept what happened, and realize that God never abandoned her after all.  AMAZON


  Kerri, having been raised in a home where lies and deceit had no place, presumed that honesty would generate truthfulness and integrity throughout her life. But strange things begin to happen in her little cocooned world. People she loves and trusts are giving her cause for trepidation. Conversations are confusing and not adding up. Kerri begins to question and examine various scenarios. At first, it’s entertaining, but soon she discovers an innate quest for the analytical; the investigation itself. A retired police detective encourages her to change her major to criminal justice. Her ability to sense something amiss foreshadows the devastation to come. Kerri is suddenly shattered by The Lie and plunges into despair. The love of her family forces her to confront and meet the ruse head on. Still, God is not finished with her, and it is His plan that will bring her peace and tranquility. And a wonderful gift as well. AMAZON