Joan Hetzler


Joan Hetzler has been a freelance writer and editor for over twenty-five years. Her creative writing experience includes plays, poems, short stories, humor, memoir, and a mystery novel. For eight years, she produced and hosted “The Writers Show,” a radio program devoted to writers and their readers at a local college station. From the coastal islands of South Georgia to the mountains of Northwest Georgia, Joan tries to capture her experiences in stories and poems that reflect the glory of God. Currently, she is writing the Megan O’Connell mysteries, Christian cozies set in Atlanta, Georgia.



Stalked by a killer…

Small Town Girl in deep water…

Megan O’Connell is an overworked journalist who returns home to Atlanta, Georgia, for a peaceful visit with friends and some quiet time with her church.

Instead, she finds a friend being blackmailed and agrees to help by going undercover to find the culprit in a very secure, very secret software company run by a most eccentric owner. Megan soon finds herself asking the age-old question, “do the ends justify the means?” Once into her masquerade she must dodge a journalist who knows her, the suspicious and intense director of research, and a killer who wants to permanently type her into his daily planner.

Add a touch of humor and romance and the corporate world isn’t a bit dull when Megan’s at work. AMAZON


Is the truth too old fashioned to be believed?

Or will the truth set free a popular pastor accused of killing a former church member?

In book two of the Megan O’Connell Mysteries, Megan investigates to find out if a mega church pastor was framed for the murder of a deacon who became wealthy preaching that “all is relative.” Megan’s friend, Lisa, whom she helped find her way back to church after falling away and Detective Fielding, an Atlanta homicide cop and potential love interest, are church members who believe their pastor is innocent. So does the pastor’s beautiful blonde wife, Candy, who is a surprising mixture of Southern charm and street smarts. Megan’s search for the truth leads her to suspicious church administrators, charming library ladies who solve all with prayer and casseroles, as well as an answer to her own spiritual question. AMAZON