James Nathaniel Miller II

James N. Miller has been described as a realist, comic, writer, and entrepreneur. He is a gifted speaker who has entertained thousands, and his inspirational tweets and posts are recognized across the world. As a person of faith, he cuts to the chase by saying, “Religion is what’s left over after God has already been somewhere and moved on.” He has logged 8000 hours as a pilot. In 1984 he flew a suspenseful rescue mission for two downed pilots in Mexico, and through the years, his companies have strongly supported faith-based organizations which fly medical supplies and volunteers into troubled spots, and who provide food and clothing for the poor. He’s a graduate of Baylor University, but one of his favorite catchphrases — “Never let school interfere with your education,” is a slogan he has lived by all his life. “I’m not a therapist, but a good listener,” he says. Over four decades he has listened to the stories of courageous US war veterans who have struggled to acclimate upon returning from combat. During this time, he has gained the trust of many who have made extreme sacrifices in defense of liberty. He has written their stories into a thrilling tribute, a historical-fiction two-part novel about the progress of a heroic pilgrim named Cody Musket, and the woman who has saved her love — and her tears — for him.


“WOW! Not what I expected. Among the best books I’ve read.”- Bookworm HOW MUCH SHOULD HE TELL HER? Cody is a professional athlete and a decorated US Marine haunted by a dark military past. Brandi is a gutsy investigative journalist and single mom who has exposed a child-trafficking ring. When terrorists attempt to abduct her at a public theater, Cody, a stranger, saves her, but the violent incident unlocks the malignant demons of Cody’s past.

˃˃˃ Is There A Pit So Deep That Even God Can’t Find You?

The couple is now forced to play a deadly game of hide-n-seek with the syndicate. Cody protects Brandi and her three-year-old daughter, but Brandi risks her life to learn the truth about the Afghanistan incident which plunged Cody into his deep mental abyss. Was there a cover-up?

No Pit So Deep is thrilling, tragic, heartwarming, funny and inspirational; a story of honor, courageous love, and finding faith.“One of the best reads for 2017. OMG! This book draws you in, twirls you around, then leaves you asking what happened!”– Cheryl Berry AMAZON


“All I can say is wow! Never experienced a book like this.”- CJ Reader BASEBALL STAR FIGHTS CHILD-TRAFFICKING HEAD-ON
Cody has become a baseball icon, but he plays a more dangerous game, running his secret paramilitary division of Planned Childhood, raiding traffickers, and rescuing children.

˃˃˃ The Cartel Takes Revenge And Gets More Than It Bargained For

Cody and Brandi are devastated when a South-American cartel retaliates by abducting Knoxi, but the seven-year-old girl helps her parents and fourteen avengers lead fifty children on a jungle escape to freedom with a rogue army in pursuit, inspiring a whole nation to rise up and fight for liberty. Knoxi becomes a child celebrity, Dawg and Silverbelle receive a surprise gift from Heaven, and miracles occur which leave hardened special ops warriors scratching their heads.˃˃˃ Cody Gunned Down By Police

Finally, after being gunned down accidentally by police, Cody lies in Methodist Hospital, his life in the balance. Then, a trip to Heaven and a surprise ending that shocks the world. AMAZON


Which Is More Terrifying: Watching the Children Suffer, or Actually Doing Something About It?

A midnight escape in a crippled aircraft carrying a rescued child. Jagged peaks below, dodging bullets, losing altitude. And she asks herself, “Is this what it means to do God’s work?”

Knoxi Musket has a scholarship to play basketball for Texas University, but that must wait. International power brokers are enslaving thousands of children with impunity. Someone must bring them down. The 3-year-old boy she is protecting holds the key.

˃˃˃ Knoxi’s World is a thrilling adventure that will inspire you from beginning to end. AMAZON


When The Traffickers Hijacked His Plane, They Overplayed Their Hand

>>A Young Covert Operative Caught Between His Desire For Vengeance and His Higher Calling
Cody Musket Jr., son of the famous baseball player, has assumed a leadership roll in his parents’ continuing battle against child trafficking. His SEAL survival training has revealed his strengths and taught him his limitations. Yet, he struggles with his identity: Is he an avenger or an evangelist?
>>>A Famous Film Star Who Has Everything She Desires, Except What Matters
Diamond Casper is an Oscar-winning actress whose career has blossomed after appearing nude in a blockbuster film. But her beauty has not brought her peace or love. No one likes her. She doesn’t even love herself.
>>>After Discovering A Mining Operation Built On Underage Slave Laborers, This Unlikely Duo Will Risk It All To Save Them
Diamond and Cody are cast together after their commuter flight has been hijacked. It crashes near an uncharted Caribbean island which they soon discover is a gold mine sitting under a volcano. The mine uses homeless underaged laborers.
When the volcano begins to erupt, they must team up to free the children and escape the island. A thriller, a moving love story, and a tale of honor and redemption.
>>>Land Without Shame is the latest inspirational thriller from bestselling author James Miller! You won’t want to put it down!  AMAZON