Helen Gray


 Helen Brown grew up in a small Missouri town and changed colors when she married her pastor and became Helen Gray. They have three grown children, a daughter and two sons. Now retired, with the children grown and gone from the nest, she and her supportive husband still live in their native Missouri Ozarks. He likes to roam the woods, hunt and fish. She enjoys gospel, sacred, and concert band music and is a member of ACFW. Her idea of sheer luxury is to curl up with a good book and a nice cold Coke. She thanks God for the time and opportunity to spin Christian romance and mystery stories, and considers it an added blessing if they should touch others in even a small way.

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Harmony and balance are as necessary in writing as they are in life and music. God should always be present in our lives and work efforts. He will control every rhythm and line of melody or prose.

It’s 1930. Nola Levitt has more than most, living with her family and working in her parents’ general store in Nazareth, Iowa. She can’t risk marrying and having a family they can’t support in these depressing times.

With no joy in his heart after losing everything, including his parents, and having to drop out of medical school after the stock market crash, Jerome Walcott has come to Nazareth to care for his uncle and run his drug store/pharmacy during the man’s lengthy recovery from serious injuries sustained in a car wreck. He doesn’t count on having a lovely storekeeper’s daughter send his heart into a tailspin.

Can these two overcome their fears and find joy together? AMAZON



When Ginger Brewer, director of the Ozarkian Home Health Care agency, arrives for a meeting with the pharmacist and finds the woman dead, she meets handsome Detective Jonathan Zalinski, and finds him unexpectedly attractive.

Jonathan ’s job is to expose criminals and protect citizens. Focused on tracking down the pharmacist’s killer, he can’t afford to be distracted by the attractive woman who found the victim. Can the killer be caught and the criminal activity behind the killing shut down without losing their lives? AMAZON


After colliding with a fleeing thief and having her home invaded, Erin Stuart is determined to help the security guard/undercover DEA agent stop the flow of drugs being trafficked through the mall where her optometry clinic is located. Miles Jarrett finds Erin’s insights valuable, but his growing feelings for her threaten his heart. As clues lead to multiple suspects, can they reveal the drug kingpin—and live to tell the story? AMAZON


  When Quincy Clark sets out to find the birth parents who gave her up for adoption, attempts are made on her life—and the parents have been missing for years. Delton Booker, the handsome detective on the case, is determined to keep Quincy safe. But can they uncover the truth before a killer buries the past for good? AMAZON







Returning to his Missouri home is bittersweet for Kirk Darnell. Over twenty years ago his life plans changed when the girl he planned to marry broke their engagement. Now he has returned to sell the property left to him and his siblings by their deceased parents—and runs into trouble.

Successful attorney Shannon Howell is blindsided when Kirk Darnell—the man she sent away per her father’s wishes—returns and makes her realize that what has been missing from her life is standing before her. But he says he’s here for legal help, nothing more.

Can the present overcome the past—and become their time to love? AMAZON







A Romantic Mystery

The teacher had apparently walked in on a robbery and been killed in his classroom Resource Officer Lanell Rhodes is determined to see justice for the young man.

Pilot Connor Prescott is shocked to learn of the death of the young teacher his sister has been dating. But when he arrives at the school and seeks information, he is warned by the attractive Resource Officer that he is not to meddle in police business.

Lanell and Connor share a common goal of finding justice for the victim, but can they overcome their differences and share a future together as well? AMAZON







Police Officer Carly Prescott has endured loss, but now throws herself into enforcing the law, volunteering at women’s shelters and seeing to the needs of others. When a friend goes missing, the case extends into another jurisdiction, and she meets successful poultry farmer, Brody Macklin, who stirs dreams and feelings she tries to ignore as he becomes involved in the search for their mutual friend, and then for her killer.

Brody has known love, and the loss of that love through death. He can’t risk another such loss. He doesn’t count on the lovely cop who sends his heart into a tailspin.

Can these two find justice for their murdered friend, conquer their fear of loving again and have a happily ever after together? AMAZON


After spending years caring for her ailing parents and teaching art in a Springfield, Missouri high school, Jasmine (Jazzy) Dwyer no longer has any expectation of a committed relationship. Yet, beneath her self-sufficient exterior, a lonely heart longs for such a bond.

Steve Prescott made a mistake that cost him his family and years of his life. Now he’s a free man, working hard, and doing everything he can to make amends, but is unable to forgive himself. When a man with whom he once worked is murdered, and he is questioned, he sets out to prove who really killed the man.

Can a man with a jaded past find peace with God and start life anew with the school teacher who represents trouble at every turn, yet somehow ends up as his sidekick sleuth? AMAZON







Jewel Carter is stunned to learn that she is a mail order bride, having believed she and her ailing father left Chicago to relocate his medical practice in Dodge City. But she loves her father enough that she complies with his wishes to give him peace of mind.
Travis Shelton can’t risk losing another wife to childbirth. So what is he to do with this bride who has been gifted to him for Christmas by his sister-in-law and brother? On the other hand, a marriage of convenience partner to run his home while he works the ranch might work. But he doesn’t count on having that pretty partner send his heart into a tailspin. AMAZON







JAN BLEVINS (the identity she is using) IS NOT IN HOT SPRINGS TO FIND LOVE.
She has her own CPA firm in Indiana, but is in Arkansas to help the parents of her childhood friend audit their businesses and figure out who killed their son. When she meets Park Ranger Kyler Winston, she finds it hard to ignore the unexpected attraction that flares between them.
Kyler senses that Jan’s interest in their local murder case is deeper than she professes. More questions arise when he sees her with the victim’s wealthy father. Yet, in spite of his suspicions about her motives, he is strangely drawn to her.
Can these two learn to trust one another enough to navigate the twists and turns of a murder case—and find love together? AMAZON








Recently returned home from WWII, Leroy must start life anew. But dreams of the war and memories of Gloria’s betrayal don’t make that easy. When he meets another Gloria—and finds himself inexplicably drawn to her—those chaotic feelings only multiply.

Gloria Jadwin has left her nursing job, and heartache, behind to play baseball with the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League. While on leave with a knee injury, she accompanies her cousin’s wife to Texas and meets Ruby’s brother, Leroy, an unrealistic attraction flares. AMAZON







Nurse practitioner Tara Landry had no choice but to quit her job and return to her small hometown in rural Maryland to care for her ailing parents, even though it broke her heart to break her engagement to Glen and leave him behind. When she needs to locate her cousin’s missing brother, she knows only person who is capable of the kind of help they need—her ex-fiancé. In spite of her conflicting feelings, she calls him.
Glen Porter, Chief of Police of a town in another part of the state, is stunned—but pleased—when Tara contacts him. He agrees to look into the case, but then decides to go see her, hoping to find the missing cousin—and convince Tara that he still loves her. Does Tara’s niece, Susan, know something that will help them solve the case? Will working together convince them that is how they belong—together forever? AMAZON


Five couple with secrets in their past or present discover that hearts can be restored and love found. AMAZON






Three stories in one handy volume! AMAZON








Life was hard during the Great Depression, but it was also a time of bonding together for survival—and loving.

The complete Bootheel series now available at a discounted price. AMAZON



This four book volume is bound to satisfy! AMAZON













She’s too busy helping her family survive the Depression. When she returns home to their Missouri farm, meeting her childhood crush, Trace Gentry, stirs up old dreams she tries hard to ignore. Kind, handsome and wealthy, Trace would never be interested in a poor girl like her—would he?

Successful businessman Trace is crazy about Callie, and he knows she thinks she’s not good enough for him. He’s clueless how to woo her—until he devises a way to prove his love to Callie—and make all her dreams come true. AMAZON







In the aftermath of the Great Depression, Riley must go home and start over. But it won’t but easy for a man with a troubled past to win the trust of his Missouri hometown. Especially when Jolene Delaney, his first love, seems to believe that the new rumors about him are true.

After Riley broke her heart, Jolene poured her energies into teaching school and caring for her father and little sister. But she knows something is missing from her life. Especially when she comes face-to-face with Riley again. Can he convince Jolene that he’s truly a changed man? Or will he succumb to old temptations and once again destroy her faith in him? AMAZON







Gavin’s task is to bring electricity to his sleepy hometown of Deer Lick, Missouri. But he doesn’t count on his wayward brother’s schoolhouse hijinks getting in the way—or the lovely teacher sending his heart into a tailspin.

Teacher Irene Delaney is a talented pianist who dreams of making music far beyond her small town. As electricity begins to hum, and then grow, between her and Gavin, she worries that falling for the striking man will douse her big-city plans. Can Gavin convince Irene she can keep her dreams—and the two of them can still have forever? AMAZON







Lincoln Stover follows Route 66 to Shamrock, Texas, in pursuit of his no good cousins. But what he finds is Ruby Clover, a lovely waitress at the U-Drop Inn who sends his heart and emotions spiraling in unexpected directions.

It’s 1937, and Ruby has her hands full working at the restaurant and taking care of her parentless nephew. When handsome Linc Stover comes to Shamrock looking for his cousin, the baby’s deceased father, she finds herself attracted to him. But can she trust the man whose family might try to claim the child left to her when her newly widowed sister died in childbirth? BUY NOW







She saw grief nearly destroy her father after her mother’s death, and being pursued because of her financial worth has made her distrustful of men. Now an engineer at Pasque Aviation, her father’s huge corporation, she delivers a component to Caprice Airlines and meets Shane, a handsome pilot. She enjoys his company, but has no expectation of ever seeing him again, and leaves with her connection to Pasque undisclosed.
Shane Price is fascinated with Bobbi, but he must get the European branch of Caprice Airlines on solid footing and help his widowed sister run the stateside division of their family business. Questions arise when each learns of the other’s lack of forthrightness. Can they have forever together? AMAZON







Having lost her parents, and in danger of losing her ranch to an unscrupulous opportunist, Jacinda (Jackie) Laughton is surviving in Dodge City’s heyday, but not without a load of guilt and estrangement from God and the church. In desperation she and her best friend have resorted to banditry. Donning disguises, they are the popular “Whip and Blade” who hold up the lender’s stagecoach runs, keeping the money they need and distributing the rest to more of the man’s victims. No one suspects they are young women. When Hoyt Travers, a Texas Ranger, arrives in Dodge and shows an interest in her, Jackie finds herself drawn to him, but wary of the danger he represents. He learns the truth and offers to marry her to protect her, but can she accept such a sacrifice and hide her love that might never be returned? She must learn to accept God’s forgiveness and trust God for her needs. AMAZON







Bryn Farrell, the youngest sister of Darcy in Bandit Bride, grew up in Dodge City’s heyday as a cattle town. Rudderless since her fiancée’s death, she crashes into Ty Shelton, an old nemesis from school, as he is racing to the last of the big fires of 1885 with a bucket of water. She is drenched with freezing water, but her spirit is not quenched, and she returns to help fight the fire. Practical and reserved, Ty is a wheat farmer who takes care of his widowed mother and younger brother. When he rescues Bryn from the first blizzard of the big “die-up” of 1886 and must take her home with him, he is trapped in more ways than just the storm. He does not need the disruption of flighty Bryn Farrell in his life. But forced proximity during the storm forces him to have just that—and new feelings for her begin to grow as his perspective of her changes. Can Bryn fall in love with a farmer and live a life of housework and washing dishes? Can Ty love a girl who has intrigued him for years, but is his opposite? AMAZON







“He said Mommy’s jumping. But he didn’t say she swings a weapon.”

Dara Collier teaches music at an elementary school in Sedalia, Missouri, and is in the process of adopting three-year-old Chad, the son of her best friend who died in Iraq. When Jared Fletcher, the man who broke her heart four years earlier returns unexpectedly, they must each face the past. Can Dara risk her heart a second time to the man who walked away from her without a word?

Can Jared trust the girl he left behind because he thought she had chosen another? Distrustful of the feelings they discover still exist between them, they must learn to let God show them how to trust and to love again.








Heather Fleming performs as a ventriloquist and works as secretary at her family’s theater in Branson, Missouri. When police officer, Gage Cassidy, visits the theater investigating a credit card skimming operation, Heather is attracted in spite of her goal of devoting her life to the business and atonement for failing to change the tires on her car before loaning it to her friend who had an accident in it that left her blind.

Determined to solve the fraud case, even if Heather is involved, Gage finds himself caught between his duty and his attraction for the lively blond entertainer.  AMAZON







Nikki Raynor has returned to Springfield, Missouri, to regain control of her life after having run away two years earlier. A former high school music teacher, she now works for an advertising agency, and Cody Fleming, the neighbor boy she adored as a girl, is her newest client. Cody, a strong Christian, is part of his family’s show at their theater in Branson and has always been the kind of person who takes in strays. When he wants to help Nikki, she resists. He must overcome her insecurities and convince her she is the right girl for him—as well determine whether God is calling him to the ministry. Nikki must regain her inner sight and develop a vision for the future. But can it be with Cody? AMAZON







High school softball coach, Dale Denning, is persuaded to masquerade as catcher on her twin brother’s company sponsored all male summer baseball team. During a game, she trips on a bat–and meets Justin Whitaker, owner of the company. Focused on her job, church, and missions, the last thing Dale needs is the complication of a man in her life. One bad experience is enough.

Having been deceived by his girlfriend in high school, Justin hates deception of any kind. Once he discovers who Dale is, he finds himself attracted to her. But, if she will deceive him in a small thing, won’t she deceive in bigger ways?

When it appears she has conned his Alzheimers afflicted dad into signing over company assets to her, what is Justin to think? Will he learn to trust God to show him the truth? AMAZON


Four couples find love in Missouri

SHOW ME LOVE: Can Dara risk her heart a second time to the man who walked away from her without a word?

HEARTLAND ILLUSIONS: Determined to solve the fraud case, even if Heather is involved, Gage finds himself caught between his duty and his attraction for the lively blond entertainer.

MOZARK VISION: Nikki must regain her inner sight and develop a vision for the future. But can it be with Cody?

MISSOURI CATCH: When it appears she has conned his Alzheimers afflicted dad into signing over company assets to her, what is Justin to think? Will he learn to trust God to show him the truth?  AMAZON


BURNED OUT COP TRAVIS BAKER IS LOOKING FOR NEW DIRECTION IN HIS LIFE.  Reagan has too much on her plate, operating the businesses and dealing with grief over her father, and confusion at the inevitable changes confronting her. Can Travis convince her that they can form a partnership—in business and life? AMAZON




Proposing to a stranger is strange. Right? Can Holt overcome the betrayals he’s suffered and learn to trust God and chance love again? AMAZON






Brooke Whitney is seeking a haven, not love. Determined to ignore the way he is unexpectedly drawn to his new secretary, he puts time and space between them, hoping the attraction will go away. But will it? AMAZON






Kelsey Monroe has avoided the mistake of marriage once, and that’s enough. Can two independent businesspersons find a way to merge their dreams and lives? AMAZON






Can a poor misfit be accepted back in her hometown? Dare they trust their hearts? Will they recognize God’s plans for their future? AMAZON










Jenna Michaels can’t risk falling in love.

She has already lost too much. When she meets Evan Bryant, their mutual attraction sends her running from the possibility of another loss.

Principal of Hawthorn Christian Academy Evan Bryant never thought he would be attracted to another woman after the death of his beloved wife. Meeting Jenna convinces him that he can love again, but is there hope that they can move beyond their pasts and find happiness together? BUY NOW


When she and her brother come back to the home they fled years earlier, they find Gabe Kirby, the neighbor who was kind to Jessie as a girl, guarding the farm. Successful cotton farmer, Gabe, remembers Jessie fondly from childhood, but the grown up Jessie takes his breath away.

He thought his life would be devoted to helping others and would not include marriage, but now he questions that. Can he convince her–and himself–that they can find happiness together? AMAZON


Fear of repeating his father’s abusive behavior toward his mother has him convinced he will live his life as a bachelor. As a Missouri Highway Patrolman, he certainly doesn’t need the complications of fiery Veda, the sister of the man his sister married, stirring up his emotions.

All young widow Veda wants is to start over and run a business of her own, in a location distant from the Kirby family’s illegal activities.

Can these two opposites find common ground and happiness together? AMAZON


After losing her parents and learning she is adopted, Lynn travels to the SE section of Missouri, known as the bootheel, to search for her mother. When she tangles with handsome Mitch Stratton, her plans and dreams are thrown into a tailspin.

Mitch must focus on keeping his cotton gin operating and providing jobs for his employees. Meeting the newfound sister of his best friend is a complication to his plans–and his heart. AMAZON