Emily Comer


Emily Comer and her husband, Nathan, live in Central Oregon with their three teenage daughters, four dogs, and a cat who thinks he is a dog. With a strong sense hearth and home, Emily pursues discipleship opportunities whenever possible; thoroughly holding to the belief that you don’t get to know a person until you share a meal with them, then they are family.

Originally from Western Montana, Nathan and Emily have followed God’s lead and are presently in Oregon, where he is a youth pastor at a small church. They home school for their daughters and are immensely proud of the young women God is growing them into. For Emily, every day is a learning opportunity. This garners some eye rolls now and then, but it has effectively instilled a love of learning in their daughters.

It is Emily’s prayer that her writing will bring glory to God, and show just how adamantly we are loved by Him. The Bible is God’s love letter to humanity, we just need to pick it up and read it. Emily’s passion for discipleship, service, and encouraging others pours over into her writing, sharing stories that remind us of God’s great love in action.

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The Bastion, led by Director Erikson, has done amazing things since the war. With a scattered population, irradiated soil, and zero infrastructure, the Bastion has built not only the region of Atrenia, but enabled five other regions to come together and begin to heal. The one thing that has escaped their grasp is healing the radiation-induced infertility that threatens to end what is left of humanity. That is where Adah comes in.

Genetically modified, trained by the brightest minds, and groomed to lead; Adah is nearly perfect. On the eve of her sixteenth birthday, Adah discovers that she is not the only child the Bastion has created. For her final year of perfecting, Adah must now learn to lead a group of her peers and navigate the ups and downs of teenage romance. Add to that the sudden disappearance of her favorite mentor, and Adah is in over her head.

When it becomes clear the Director Erikson had something to do with her mentor’s disappearance, Adah must learn to trust and depend on the other children in order to discover what is really going on at the Bastion, and hopefully save a life or two in the process.  AMAZON