Diane Yates


Yates writes inspirational romantic fiction and nonfiction. Her Fate Series, published by Forget Me Not Romances an imprint of Winged Publications, begins with Melissa’s Fate and continues with Impossible Fate. The third book in the series will release in the near future. Diane is the author of two biography/memoirs, Pathways of the Heart and All That Matters, published by W&B Publishers. She has served two terms as President of Ozarks Writers League and is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers and the Columbia Chapter of the Missouri Writer’s Guild, Boonslick Creative Writers and Clean Fiction Writers. She teaches writing workshops and has spoken at various organizations. She and her husband, Rick, work in youth and adult ministries in their church, where she writes plays and skits as well as Sunday School curriculum and Bible studies. She has three children and eight grandchildren who are the crown of her life. Check out her website at www.dianeyates.com for her schedule and contact information.

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Halley is going on a Christmas cruise with Candace, but when she boards the ship and opens her door, all hopes of a merry cruise evaporate. Candace has sold her ticket to Devon, the mean-spirited bully who took pleasure in tormenting Halley in high school. Now she must share the same room, attend the same excursions, and eat at the same table with the one man she never wanted to see again.

This Christmas, join the cruise where enmity meets forgiveness and hatred falls for love. AMAZON


  As the Drake family story continues, David Drake falls in love with his childhood best friend, Aliyah Zimmerman, but theirs is an impossible love.

They seek to find ways to be together, although her parents forbid their friendship. In middle school, their hearts are shattered when Mr. Zimmerman moves Aliyah and the family to the other side of the world. David and Aliyah lose all connection until college, but by then David is dating someone else.

Is their love still strong? Can David bridge the gap between his Christianity and Aliyah’s Jewish faith in time to save their relationship and prevent her impending marriage or is theirs an impossible fate?  AMAZON


  Shattered expectations and unwitting mistakes drag a couple through the trial of their lives, a marriage of convenience, and ultimately a lesson on the importance of faith, love, and family.

When Beth discovers the one she loves has deceived her, she flees New York City without telling him she’s carrying his child. Two years later, she must return to New York from Connecticut and face her baby’s father. Just when Phil decides to forget his love for Beth, she reappears with shocking news. He won’t forgive her for what she’s done, but he’ll do anything to rescue the little girl he didn’t know existed. With Phil and Beth at odds, nothing short of a miracle from God will change Melissa’s fate.

Contains mild language in parts AMAZON