Cynthia Hickey


CYNTHIA HICKEY grew up in the foothills of the Ozark mountains. An avid reader before beginning school, she soon began telling stories of her own. Today, her over-active imagination helps her in penning cozy mysteries, romantic suspense, and historical romance. She is constantly critiquing movies, stating ways to make them better and more believable. Find her online at and to see a full line of her works. Below is a small sampling.


  A cat with a distaste for a certain cologne.

A pet shop owner seeking justice.

A billionaire dead.

Trinity Ashford owns Tail Waggin’ pet daycare and store. Every morning, the kindly Mr. Armstrong brings her coffee. At least until his handsome son, Brad, shows up wanting to change everything. Then, Trinity finds the elderly Mr. Armstrong murdered and is determined to prove his son is the killer by using the old man’s cat, Moses, as a witness.

The cat hates the scent of the cologne Brad wears. Trinity is convinced it’s the same brand the killer must have worn in order for the cat to react as he did. No one believes her, but she is determined to prove the cat is a viable witness.

As she seeks to prove Brad the murderer, she realizes he is far from a killer and the two of them end of teaming together to find out the identity of the real killer. From small town strips malls, to penthouses, and country clubs, they check off suspects one-by-one until they get too close and find themselves facing death. AMAZON


A decades old unsolved crime…

A woman vowing to fulfill her grandmother’s dying wish…

The killing starts again…

In Texarkana, Arkansas in 1946, a serial killer terrorized the town. Now, in the present day, Pressley Taylor has arrived to pick up where her grandmother left off…to find out the identity of The Phantom. Armed with her grandmother’s notes, she enlists the help of handsome Officer Jackson Hudson who reluctantly agrees to help.

In soon becomes apparent that Pressley’s presence in town has unearthed that years ago evil and she becomes the primary target. As young lovers are once again being stalked and killed, it’s up to Pressley and Jackson to find the copy-cat killer before Pressley becomes a victim.

As Pressley and Jackson spend time together, romance blooms, but neither are sure of the others’ intentions once The Phantom 2 is caught. Will Pressley stay or will Jackson be the one to follow her?

Can these two solve a crime no one else could? AMAZON


Karlie Marshall’s mother has a secret…

One that will turn Karlie’s world upside down…

A secret that could get them killed.

A simple DNA test to find out whether she had any living relatives other than her mother brings to light a startling secret. As a child, her mother had entered Witness Protection and fled to the safety of the Ozark mountains. Now, Karlie’s peaceful life was shattered.

Once the buzz around New York showed the mistress and daughter of Anthony Bartelloni were living in the Ozarks, FBI agent, Heath Westbrook, goes undercover as the sheriff of Misty Hollow in order to protect the Marshall women.

Danger grows by the minute. Trust is shattered. Love is denied as death seems imminent.

Can Karlie and Heath see justice done and give into their feelings of love or will death find them first? AMAZON


  A gunshot pierces the winter day…

A sheriff finds a woman in the woods…

…not a normal day in Copper Pass, Montana


Investigative reporter, Jordan Evans flees Billings, Montana with a stranger hot on her heels. Someone wants her to stop questions. When she meets the town’s handsome sheriff, Wyatt Armstrong, she finds a strong ally, especially when a local girl disappears.

Fearing a sex trafficking ring his hiding in Copper Pass, Jordan and Wyatt hatch a brave, dangerous plot to catch the ring leader.

Will they stop the evil before becoming victim themselves? AMAZON


  First assignment…

embezzlement turns to attempted murder…

Amber Murdoch’s first assignment with Valor Investigations is to investigate the funds disappearing from do-gooder Logan MacKenzie. Things are not what they seem. The more she gets to know the man, the more she’s convinced he’s innocent. All she has to do now is prove it, a task made difficult by the fact someone is trying to kill her.

When Logan sees sweet, beautiful Amber dressed in leather and riding a Harley, he realizes his receptionist is not who she seems. When they’re both targeted, he realizes he’s nothing more than a job to her, and the two must work together to get to the bottom of why someone doesn’t want him to build his home for the youth.

Can these two come face-to-face with their worst fears and come out unscathed or will greed and murder win? AMAZON


  “No one does a final suspense scene like Cynthia Hickey!” – Stewart Writing Services

A rash of burglaries?

What kind of job had she been hired to do?

CJ Turley is excited to begin her new life as overseer of Heavenly Acres, a tiny house community in the Ozark mountains. As she’s handed the keys to her new house, by a woman who seems far too eager to leave the job to someone else, CJ is told the community is experiencing a rash of burglaries and she should visit the nearby Park Ranger for help.

Can CJ and her new friends stop a thieving murderer before they lose something far more precious than jewels? Their life!

From first day, to spending time with handsome ranger, Eric Drake, to a cast of quirky characters who are all suspect in CJ’s mind, you’re bound for a fun, hilarious, romp in this first book of a new small town, cozy mystery series by best-selling and award-winning author. AMAZON


Will Tarin choose comfort or true love? When Tarin Baker’s beloved Nana dies, she is left with a letter and a plain wooden box. The letter instructs Tarin to open the box and find true love. Transported back to the year 1888, Tarin wants only to go home. How could her true love possibly be in the middle of nowhere, Texas? Travis Kilroy doesn’t know what to think when a strange woman with strange hair wearing only a nightgown shows up on his doorstep in the middle of the night. But, when his reputation is threatened, he proposes an idea neither of them is ready for. AMAZON






Melanie (Mellie) Brooks had lived in the small town of Cumberton Heights her whole life, even after the boy-next-door, her best friend, left town after the town’s most sought-after young woman broke his heart. But now, Devon Sawyer had returned as a best-selling author and town celebrity, to remind her of a long-ago promise made when they were kids.

Devon Sawyer couldn’t believe how beautiful pudgy Mellie Brooks had grown up to be. Right away he’s thrust back into the happiest days of his life, until a certain woman sets her eye on him and threatens to ruin the very thing Devon hadn’t known he’d missed. While he tries to woo Mellie back after a careless mistake, danger follows, thrusting them all into a disastrous showdown.

Can Devon and Mellie recapture what they once had or were lost dreams the price of love? AMAZON







A darkness approaches that only a fae can stop.

Evil forces threaten to cover the human world with darkness. The faerie world is dependent on the human world’s survival or they, too, will perish. Shayna, a faerie warrior of the Light is sent to the human world to prevent that from happening and must convince a human to help her.

When she reveals her true self to Detective Pierce Cochran, his world is thrust upside down. Everything he believed to be a fairy tale is true.

The faerie and the detective join forces against a growing number of demons and vampires, enlisting the help of an assortment of creatures Pierce didn’t know existed. Magic and weaponry collide as the mis-matched group of warriors race toward the final battle. AMAZON








Noelle Landon and her sisters are seeing the fulfillment of a dream with the opening of their candy store, Chocolate Bliss, and right in time for Christmas. Noelle’s grand plans are turned upside down when the mayor of Bridgeton requests that she show their famous celebrity, the handsome, award-winning author, Scott Conrad, around town and get him to help draw tourists to their fair town for the holidays.

Scott Conrad craves the laid-back lifestyle of small town life. When he meets the lovely Noelle Landon, he realizes how shallow his life has been and pursues her, refusing to take no for an answer.

When danger strikes Noelle and Scott is injured by a lunatic while trying to protect her, can these two see that lasting love is the greatest gift of the season? AMAZON


 Merry Landon and her sisters own the candy store Chocolate Bliss. After Merry’s older sister found love the year before, all Merry wants is the same. A man who loves her above all else. At a meeting to plan a Christmas party for the local children’s shelter, she meets Officer Chase Spoone, a new volunteer. Names are exchanged for a Secret Santa and Merry and Chase are teamed together to plan the party. Could this be the romance Merry is looking for? Not if Chase has anything to do with it. After his father died in the line of duty, Chase has vowed to never put a wife of his through the same heartbreak.

Can a Secret Santa reveal bring together a woman who wants marriage and a man who doesn’t? AMAZON







Kennedy Bradford returns home to come to grips with the violent death of her parents and witnesses a murder.
Dylan Lockhart, best-selling mystery writer, is roped into being Kennedy’s bodyguard until the killer is found.

Neither one had time for romance. Both secretly yearn for love. Danger thrusts them into a fight of survival that may be the end of a future together. AMAZON







Aileen Sullivan arrives on America’s shores with little in her pocket and vengeance in her heart. She doesn’t count on the handsome Englishman turned American who is determined to make sure she stays out of Five Points. How can Aileen find the man who did her family wrong if she has a constant watchdog?

Samuel Westfield felt an immediate attraction for the feisty Irish woman and will do anything to keep her safe, even if it means giving her a job and room and board. When Aileen goes against the help he’s offered and finds her life threatened, Sam gives up his most precious possession to save her.

Can these two see that love is the most priceless possession? AMAZON


  Lydia Downs, lady’s maid to the spoiled Elizabeth Samson, is badgered into attending the first ball of the season in place of her mistress. A masquerade ball where Lydia meets the kind, handsome, and wealthy Beauregard Hollingsworth. What started as a lark soon turns to lies uncovered, deceit faced, and mistakes faced.

Can Lydia and Beau overcome the odds and find true love? AMAZON







When Cindy Lou Hopkins turns twenty-five life will get better. She knows it. She’ll no longer be under the thumb of her stepmother Geneva or tormented by her stepsisters. She just has to stay alive that long.

The only kink in her plan for independence is the handsome, Lance Moore, she jokingly calls the town prince. A man who wants to get to know her better. A man Cindy isn’t worthy to be in the same room as.

When Lance throws a barn dance, Cindy is determined to have one night with him that will carry her through the rest of her life. Can she set aside prejudices from a bygone time and embrace her happily ever after? AMAZON






Sue has always wanted to travel the Mother Road in her pink Mustang. She ditches the man she didn’t love at the altar, tosses her veil out the car and takes off on her first real adventure. Along the way, she picks up a hitchhiker named James Deacon. A leather jacket wearing man with secrets and dreams of his own.

Their journey takes the reader from Illinois to the end of the road in Santa Monica. Can they leave aside their separate dreams and come together for something bigger than either of them imagined? AMAZON


Inspirational Series


#1 – Can Stormi find the killer before she becomes the next victim? Amazon

#2 – Another fans wants their moment of fame and will do anything to get it. Amazon

#3 – A Skincare Party turns to murder and Stormi is called to save the day! Amazon

#4 – When a dead body is found face first in a vat of chocolate inside Stormi’s mother’s bakery, what’s a nosy neighbor to do other than find a killer? Amazon



#6 – After the horrific experience of saving the lives of her niece and fiancé, Stormi Nelson takes the family to a retreat high in the Ozark mountains. It doesn’t take long before a dead body in a bubble bath turns the vacation into anything but. Amazon


#7 – A Good Party Can Kill You introduces the reader to some fantastic characters and closes out the best-selling Nosy Neighbor series. Amazon

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Wilhemina Jackson, widowed mother of two, answers an advertisement in the newspaper for a sheriff in Wild Horse Pass, Montana. She uses the name Willie Jack in order to disguise her identity as a woman and soon receives a telegram saying she’s hired for the job. Along with her children, mother, and a giant of a dog, she loads up the wagon and makes the long ride from Kansas.

Wild Horse Pass is a picturesque town in the mountains with high standards and no law. The people are surprised to see a woman arrive as their sheriff, but are so desperate for someone to enforce the law, they decide to let her stay after she proves to them what a good shot she is with a rifle. All the former male sheriffs have always moved on to bigger and better pastures: especially since the town’s people consider the sheriff’s business their own and have no qualms about saying so.

Thomas Miller, livery owner and blacksmith, is ready for a sheriff to step in and take over law enforcement for the vigilantes, but he’s not excited about the arrival of a leather-wearing, split-skirt, woman sheriff. Especially one pretty enough to grace a tea room back east.

No matter how quaint the town looks, Wild Horse Pass is a wild and dangerous place with many secrets. The folks may seem quirky, eccentric, and God-fearing, but their nosiness causes plenty of problems and feuds, despite the local pastor’s and Tom’s attempts to lead them down the right path.

Can Willie and Tom lay aside their differences to find out what really matters? Amazon








Marilu Hutchins wakes up one morning realizing the man next to her is not her husband. That awareness is the beginning to ten year’s of memories returning. One of which leads her to believe she is a paid assassin. As she struggles with the realization of who she is and what she was, she begins a search for her daughter. Things are complicated when she runs into Brad Morrison, the undercover agent who is the brother to the man Marilu had been hired to kill. Together, the two go on the run to prove that all is not as it seems and Marilu is nothing more than a Mistaken Assassin. Can she let go of her fear and uncertainty to let God’s will prevail? AMAZON



Kelly Canyon wants to be an investigative journalist and takes photos of celebrities to pay the bills. When an actress is murdered following an interview by Kelly, she and Brock Handsome, uh, Hanson are the primary suspects. Mishap and hilarity ensue as Kelly is roped into clearing her name, helping the police catch a killer, and keep herself from being another notch in the belt of Hollywood’s Golden Boy. She never intended to star in a movie. Nope. Nada. Yep.

Yet, here she is acting in a movie, falling for Brock, and running from someone who very much wants her to stop trying to solve the murder, even if by doing so guarantees Kelly her job back. AMAZON


New mystery from Amazon best-selling author!

Ditched at the altar, Shelby Hart tosses down her bouquet, quits her job, and accepts a position as gardener and event coordinator at an upscale retirement community. Her first day on the job results with a dead body in the greenhouse under the orchids and with her as the prime suspect!

Toss in a handsome handyman, quirky characters, and a flirtatious grandma and the fun never stops. AMAZON