Chris H. Stevenson



Chris Stevenson is a native Californian presently residing in Sylvania Alabama. His career has spanned such occupations as automotive mechanic and service manager, government police officer, amateur paleontologist, and newspaper reporter and editor. At the age of 26 he discovered Twilight Zone Magazine and got the urge to write short stories. Shortly after, he entered the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future contest and placed amongst the finalists. After a whirlwind of initial successes, including his enlistment into the Science Fiction Writers of America, and then a grand prize win for a YA novel, he put pen and paper aside to follow other pursuits. He has just recently taken up splashing ink again, publishing novels and short stories. He has published in nearly every genre and category in the literary field, except for that illusive screenplay, which he hopes to complete someday.



Wolf girl gone feral…

A DNA experiment gone horribly wrong…

A beast who will stop at nothing.

Seth Anson, a lovelorn forest ranger, never thought that he would shoot the first eligible woman he met after his divorce. Nor did he think that he would fall in love with her after nursing her back to health. But he certainly isn’t prepared to find out that she is the result of a DNA cloning experiment gone horribly wrong and, is in fact, a hybrid human/wolf.

It all comes to a head atop Devils Tower Wyoming.

The Beast of Wheeler Ridge examines the lurid morality issues that are dealt with in The Island of Doctor Moreau, while exploring the theme of forbidden love as can be found in Beauty and the Beast, only with the gender rolls reversed.

Contains mild language and suggestive themes. AMAZON