Cara Lynn James


Cara Lynn James lives in northwest Florida with her husband, grown daughter, four year old grandson and a Papillon named Sparky. Originally from Connecticut, she’s lived in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Texas, California, Virginia, Vermont and now Florida. Her hobbies include reading everything in sight, traveling and camping, but not in a tent. Fascinated by the excess of the Gilded Age, she writes inspirational historical romance.


Eliza Baldwin, a young, bereaved widow and mother of three, struggles to support her family and save enough money for her son’s private school tuition. To earn more income, Eliza rents a room over the stable to Clark Henderson, the handsome, new owner of Whitfield General Store.

Right from their first meeting, Eliza and Clark feel a strong attraction toward each other. Yet despite their growing feelings, Eliza believes any romantic relationship would show disloyalty to the memory of her late husband.

When Clark offers Eliza love and a chance to shed her widow’s weeds and genteel poverty, she’s unsure about what the Lord has in mind for her. Will she reject Clark’s love and his kindness or hold fast to her old life? AMAZON


  During the summer of 1899, Lydia Barlow, a young innkeeper, hopes to persuade her absentee co-owner to keep their failing hotel open and operating.

She’s had a romantic crush on him for years and always thought he’d someday become an active partner and work with her to make a success of their old-fashioned, family hotel. She and her mother have managed without Dane Paxton’s assistance or interference—but unfortunately, without his expertise.

But Dane hasn’t come to the Mountain View Inn to help them improve their management skills—or court Lydia. He tries to convince her to buy his share of the inn so he can invest in another hotel project in Florida. When he discovers the Mountain View Inn is going bankrupt, he insists they must cut their losses and sell. Lydia and her mother are devastated.

While Dane is searching for a buyer, he slowly realizes how much he cares for Lydia. She feels the same way.

But will their love be strong enough to overcome their clash of personal goals? AMAZON