Candice Prentice

Candice lives in Maryland with her personal hero—her husband –as well as Jack the Whiney Dog. She reads and researches for fun and especially enjoys medical history, which explains her collection of medical history books, antique medical bottles, and memorabilia.  She studies herbal medicine and is a fan of integrative medicine. Her hobbies are numerous, but most often you’ll find her experimenting with different art techniques or making quilts. She particularly loves crazy quilts. The Lord is an integral part of Candice’s life. He restored her life from a dark past.  Psalm 40:2 is one of her favorite Bible verses:  He lifted me out of the slimy pit, out of the mud and mire; he set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand.  (NIV)

Inspirational Series 



#1 – Sleuthing to exonerate herself from murder charges, she shakes up a murderer who has nothing to lose by killing any one in the way – including Trish. AMAZON

#2 – This finale could be Trish’s swan song. AMAZON

# 3 – As the clock ticks down to the wedding date, Trish once again puts herself in reach of the claws of a murderer—this time to protect her best friend. AMAZON


One dead person
Three amateur sleuths
A killer too close to home

Retired Navy Chief Lily Kennard ended her military career after twenty years, along with its oppressing politics, and chose a more tranquil lifestyle as a personal assistant to a wealthy widow. But she soon discovers the job is anything but tranquil when she stumbles across a dead body on the estate.

At the request of her employer, Lily reluctantly joins forces with feisty, elderly Florence Beasley and her ten-year-old niece to discover the killer. . .someone who is hiding in plain sight. AMAZON