Bonita Y. McCoy


  Bonita Y. McCoy hails from the Great State of Alabama where she lives on a five-acre farm with two cows, two dogs, two cats, and one husband who she’s had for over thirty years.

She is a mother to three grown sons and a beautiful daughter-in-law, who joined the family from Japan.


Amy Kate Anderson is Southern trouble in high heels.

A Fire—

A Murder—

What’s happened to her quiet little town of Pine Lake?

Book shop owner, Amy Kate Anderson, thought she was having the worse day ever … until they wheeled a body out of the coffee shop next door and her friend, Matt Murphy, co-owner of the Beans and Leaves, became the number one suspect for the DA.

Can Amy Kate find a way to help her friend and keep her dreams for her bookshop from going up in smoke? Or will the handsome Lieutenant Gabe Cooper have his way and leave Amy Kate fishing for clues among the ashes?

In this delightful whodunnit, the people of Pine Lake, Alabama, will welcome you with open arms to their small town, but be careful, mystery, murder, and Amy Kate’s trouble magnet lurk around each corner.

Fans of Kate Collins and Jean McKinley will love this cozy! AMAZON


  Two wrongs can make a right, in this sweet holiday romance about finding family in unexpected places.

The U.S. post office has mixed up her mail, yet again. So, this time Beth King takes matters into her own hands and delivers the package, herself, only to be mistaken for the new nanny. As she spends the day with the little girl, she discovers they have something in common. They’ve both lost their parents.

Beth knows better than to get involved. She’s got a book to write. She’s got deadlines. But when the handsome uncle asks her to help over the Christmas holidays, the word “no” doesn’t seem to be in her vocabulary.

Ben Bennett is struggling to find his footing as a new parent to his four-year-old niece. When he mistakes the beautiful woman at his front door for the nanny, he is surprised to find she has a knack with Zoey.

With the preschool closed for renovations, he’s desperate, and this postal mix-up might be the perfect answer to his dilemma. But when Beth proposes that they give Zoey an over-the-top Christmas, Ben has second thoughts. He’s not sure Zoey’s ready, and if he were honest, he’s not sure he’s ready either.

This charming Christmas romance will keep you turning pages until the very last mistletoe kiss. AMAZON