Alan Van Ormer


  My wife, Susan and I have two sons, Justin (Kayla) and Jeremy and a grandson, Aiden. Born and raised in South Dakota. I enjoy spending time with family, traveling and putt-putt.  I am currently the managing editor of a small town Iowa newspaper. I am a former Marine Corps veteran, getting my start in the publishing business in 1981 working for several years on base newspapers. I spent time running my own freelance business. I love writing. I enjoy reading anything and everything. I also love the history of our country and enjoy reading western books, mystery and adventure and watching mystery, adventure and western movies.




  Odds stacked against him


Eleven years after he had been sent away from Minnesota, Rye Tyler returned to his home on a mission of revenge. The young man, who had turned into a spy and a ruthless killer in the Confederate Army, wanted three men for killing unarmed
comrades in a Tennessee prison.

A simple revenge mission turns into a fight for survival against various Indian tribes, members of his former unit, and even his own family. Odds are stacked against Rye Tyler as he battles his inner demons while trying to protect the few people he cares about in the wild west and, more importantly, stay alive.  AMAZON


  The Indians continued to come like sheets of rain. The soldiers, men, and women fired at the Indians who kept circling. The gallant men and women continued to stand against the onslaught. There were just too many.

A tired Rye Tyler slid down against the wagon wheel. He knew he didn’t have any answers for too many Indians. He looked up at Blanche.

“Rye, you have to rally the wagon. Don’t let them give up.”

Rye glanced at her.

“You are fearless. You have proven it more than once.” She reached up and kissed him. “Be the leader you were born to be.” AMAZON